Black Screen

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Re: Black Screen

Post by VishonZoey_S19 » 2019-03-07 2:35

Was also able to get firefox going..... uninstall and then clean install, I think the key for me anyway was to uninstall the windows update.... pretty sure that is what messed everything up.

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Re: Black Screen

Post by DanielDarell_S14 » 2019-03-07 12:46

Hey it happened to me this morning..I logged in then after it came up it went black...S19 Wilson Selma

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Re: Black Screen

Post by JaguPearle_S69 » 2019-03-07 19:17

Did nothing extra but game back to normal after version Update ??

No mention of fix in update so may be coincidence or someone noticed these posts and flipped the right switch.

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