Best Stars - ?

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Best Stars - ?

Post by KlubConstanc_S11 » 2017-07-05 13:49

What is the best way to determine which Stars work best for each character? Is there any interaction that would make certain combinations less effective?



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Re: Best Stars - ?

Post by KlubConstanc_S11 » 2017-07-06 18:40

SO - either no one knows how or what is best - OR - those that know - Don't want to share thier knowledge.

either way - it's very sad with players having levels way up in the 100's.


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Re: Best Stars - ?

Post by Peppie » 2017-07-06 23:14

without knowing your lvl, hard to say. The stars i use are hydra, grand chien, cepheus, hercules, capricorn, virgo, endanous and cassiopia. use this basic setup on all buddies except warlocks where i add spell dmg star, some of those are combo stars modifying 2 diff stats, and may not be available to you yet.

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Re: Best Stars - ?

Post by KlubConstanc_S11 » 2017-07-11 2:51

Thank You - I am at level 112 right now. At least this gives me a starting point - I have been reading all I can find and it's kinda confusing at times.


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Re: Best Stars - ?

Post by Tilley Lean_S11 » 2017-08-09 3:59

you want to equip 8 stars on each of your characters at all times.

below level 60, you'll get purple at best, afterwards aim to wear a full set of yellow stars.
not all stats unlock at the same time ; exception being Aries (HP) and Taurus (Rage)

Gemini(Melee damage), Cancer(Special Damage), Libra(Resistance), Virgo(Accuracy), Scorpio(Wreck),
and Saggitarius(Deathstrike) unlock at level 60.

Capricorn(Block) at level 100, Pisces(Critical) at level 110, Aquarius(Dodge) at level 120,

Main character, and most buddy, want to focus on having HP, Rage, Melee Damage, Special Damage, Dodge, Accuracy, Critical and Deathstrike.

you have no good source of HP early on other than titles and stars,
Rage is just mandatory, always and forever!!
same goes for Special Damage.

The only difference for warlock is to switch out melee damage for spell damage.
Melee for melee characters, spell damage for warlocks.

Critial(crit chance) is mandatory to be accompanied by Deathstrike(Critical Damage)

Dodge and Block are interchangeable in their role. so is Accuracy and Wreck.
but for PVP and PVE dodge and accuracy is prefered.

accuracy is to dodge, what wreck is to Block. they reduce the opponent;s chance to dodge and block respectively.

resistance reduces the chance of getting critical hit

stun proof takes forever to unlock from stars, and you get it also from nobility(Level 150+)

so its only a footnote really..

starting from level 90 (to 120), you have access to buying Cepheus, Hercules, Perseus, and Cassiopia,
they each carry two stats(lets call them Dual Stars maybe?)

They add alot of flexibility to the stats you can carry,
becoming a must have for all the melee characters you can affort them for.

Cepheus combines HP and Rage, Hercules combine Critical and Deathstrike. they require more exp, and their overal stats is higher than regular yellow stars.

there is no star that combines special damage and spell damage; troublesome for warlock characters but not the worse.

they still use cepheus and hercules,

consider Cassiopia for combining Wreck and Resistance. its the best way to include those stats.

then from level 130 to 170, repeat the process but going from yellow stars to Red stars.

there is the equivalent of the early Dual Stars at level 170 ;
True Cepheus, True Perseus, True Cassiopia, True Hercules

expensive yet worthwhile.

note : There are no yellow stars for melee defense and special defense, only a blue star and a red star ;

to this day, i have not witnessed a soul who incorporated them into his build.

did i miss anything?

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Re: Best Stars - ?

Post by jumbled » 2017-09-05 9:02

What bothers me about this is there is no equivalent spell damage/special damage dual star comparable to the melee one. Granted, the player character is melee only, but if you're going to level up your buddies to any appreciable degree, you need spell damage, especially when you consider how many warlock buddies there are in the game.

I would consider this an oversight that should be corrected to make it consistent with melee players and their buddies. You're using an extra slot on your warlock buddies (one for spell damage, one for special) when you would otherwise have that one open on your melee buddies (after the dual star) to use for other stars.

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Re: Best Stars - ?

Post by HakilErica » 2017-10-11 5:55


What bothers me about this is there is no equivalent spell damage/special damage dual star comparable to the melee one.[/quote]

Agreed, this seems such an odd oversight, unless they were looking to folks maxing all three damage types, and not being able to use a pair of dual-stars anyway since it would duplicate special damage. Not a good enough reason, but the only thing short of giving warlocks a raspberry.

Two things I would note on Parnasse's write-up:

1 - while dual-stat stars cost more per-star, it is generally equivalent to what the XP would have cost to level the stars individually. Best course (if you can afford the slots) is get them both up to level 11 and then combine/sacrifice them, so you don't have to worry about stat backslide.

2 - the level bands on reds are wider (not just more before capping,) so expect backslide unless you plan to immediately start pouring massive amounts of XP into maintaining them.

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