Analysis of Pandora

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Analysis of Pandora

Post by Himiko » 2017-09-27 17:55

I checked the first level of her deicide skill and my first impression was that she's ok-ish.

Then I read her max level deicide skill description.

Then I read it again.

Then I read it once more just to be sure.

...Is it really supposed to do what it says? Max level deicide is a 100% team disable (stun and confuse) with 50% max/current HP AOE damage. Even the second highest stage might already be ridiculously broken.

Suppose this setup and attack order:

1. Pandora with Purify Halidom.

2. True Milana

3. True Frigga with Inspire Halidom.

4. True Hathor

5. Main character

What on earth is your opponent even supposed to do? You basically get 3 rounds of free attacks during which Pandora will absolutely wreck the other team. The only thing that could even remotely counter this setup is Accolade in hopes that you get a random stun on Pandora and enough time to kill her until she rains destruction on you again.

And let's not even talk about how she could utterly destroy PvE.

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