Recruitment for Beginner Helper,Enjoy the Prizes!

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Recruitment for Beginner Helper,Enjoy the Prizes!

Post by Angel » 2018-03-19 7:46

The brand new server will be launching. We are also recruiting Blade of Queen veterans that are willing to share and help new players on. There will be a special prize waiting for our Beginner Helper!

What are you waiting for? Come on and sign up!

[Beginner Helper's Tasks]

1. Friendly on helping and answering questions from new players about Blade of Queen.

2. Guiding new players on important points and aspects of Blade of Queen gameplay.

3. Sharing news and events around Blade of Queen to new players.

4. Reporting scammer in game to GM team, keeping the liveliness of World Chat.

5. Working along Blade of Queen GM Team to solve any problem that comes up.

If failed to stay online for 48 hours without any acceptable reason, Beginner Helper's prize will be canceled.

[Beginner Helper's Prize]

For 5 days working as a Beginner Helper, player will be given a "Beginner Helper" Title.

After 5 days, we will evaluate the working performances based on new players’ and also GM's feedback
Prize will be distributed in 48 hours after evaluation has been given.

Beginner Helper's Prize: 500 Gold, 200 Stamina

Note: This reward is able to be delivered to any server the player appointed, but it must under the same account.

[Beginner Helper's Requirement]

1. Familiar with Blade of Queen features and gameplay, has vast knowledge about Blade of Queen. Politely helping and answering questions from new players.

2. Active and online at least 5 hours a day, for the working period.

3. After signing up on this thread, players are required to stay online on the signed up character so GM can contact them for confirmation purposes. If not, we will consider it as giving up

[How to Sign Up]

Vacancy : 1-2 people

How to Sign Up: Please contact us in game by clicking GM button, if you are chosen we will inform you.


1. After reaching Level 15 and acquiring the Title "Beginner Helper", then contact GM Angel

2. If there's any questions during event time, feel free to contact GM Angel in game.

3. If there's any problem that happens during event time, Blade of Queen team has the right to cancel event and also prizes.

4. The signing up account ,the Beginner Helper account and the prize receiving account must be the same

5.Payer who sign up don’t reply the Angel and contact the GM Angel in the game. We will consider it as giving up and ignore this player’s signing up at following three servers.

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