【Special Event】Orc Rebellion! Rescue Your Goddess!

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【Special Event】Orc Rebellion! Rescue Your Goddess!

Post by Angel » 2017-04-03 2:30

Orcs have caught the Goddess and set plenty of guards. Heroes, go and defeat them to rescue your Goddess!

Activity Time: 0:00.Apr.03-23:50.Apr.10(EST)
Activity Range: S1-S45
Activity Content:

During the event, system will open the hidden Instance—Orc Rebellion.

It is filled with revolt Orcs. King of Orcs will show up at times. Heroes can defeat Orcs and King of Orcs to acquire plenty of Exp, Silver and Honor of Orcs.

After success in defeating King of Orcs, there will a chance to get Orcs King Ring.

Orcs King Ring can add stats to main character. The acquired Honor of Orcs can add Exp of the ring which increase the stats bonus of the ring.

When you own the Orcs king Ring and Scarlet Wings (Permanent), which can be purchased from 【Shop-Hot Sale!】 as well. Defeating Orcs can acquire Repress Point.

After the event, players who own over 200 repress points can get Counter- Insurgency Warrior Title which will add 20000 HP of character.

Everybody arm to your teeth, go and kill them!

Counter- Insurgency Warrior Main Character +20000 HP

【Orcs King Ring】

【Scarlet Wings】

Blade of Queen Operation Team


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