Data Transmission Rules and FAQ

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Data Transmission Rules and FAQ

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Data Transmission Rules and FAQ

1.If the account only contains one character on one server, system will retain the character. After the server merger, our official website’s server list will not change, so players can still log into the game from the original login access.

2.If the account contains more than one character on different servers, system will retain all the characters. After the server merger, our official website’s server list will not change, so players can still log into the game from the original server to play the related character.

For example: you have character A in Server 1 and character B in Server 2 under the same account. After the server merger, if you choose Server 1 in our official website, then the character should be A; if you choose Server 2 in our official website, then the character should be B. After the server merger, A and B will be in the same server and you can log in as A and B at the same time.

3.In the process of server merging, system will automatically add number suffix to all characters to avoid same character name. After the server merger, system will send Rename Card to all players in 24 hours. Using the Rename Card can submit the application of renaming your character. After the approval of System the name of your character should be changed as supplied in your application.

4.After the Data Transmission, Arena Ranking will be rearranged according to the original ranking. The rearrangement of same rankings will be ranked randomly by system.

5.After the Data Transmission, servers involved in merger will share one Arena. Meanwhile, players will participate in World Boss, Guild War and other events together.

Item Arrangement

System will automatically retain the Gold, Silver, warehouse items, bag items, achievement information, and level information, etc..

Emails in your mailbox will be cleared after server merger, please open them and claim items timely.

Guild & Friends

The guild and friend information will be automatically retained after the server merger.


To express our thanks to all Blade of Queen players for their support for this adaptation, we will send out Data Transmission Compensation Packs. Wish you a better performance in the broader battlefield in Blade of Queen. Have fun in the game!

Customer Service

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service: Angel. We will deal with it promptly.


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Data Transmission & Server merger FAQ

Q: What is Server merger?

A: Server merger is to merge different servers. Two or more servers will be merged into a new server. Server merger can optimize the structure and performance of the server. Not only can it gain more capacity, but also it will provide players with better gaming experience.

Q: What’s the benefit of Server Merger?

A: Server Merger will offer you a better server performance& fluent network and enable one server to hold more players. After merging, you can play with players from different servers.

Q: Will Server Merger cause losses of individual property and data?

A: Please do not worry, merging will not bring any losses to players. Your Gold balance will not be influenced after merging. Neither will such data like Character, Equipment, Exp, and Silver.

(When anomalies occur, please contact Angel in time!)

Q: Will Server Merger influences established Guilds?

A: No. Guild members will remain the same. You can find your old friends through Guild. All leaders’ info will be kept into new servers directly.

Q: I got 2 characters in these two servers under one account. What will happen to them after merging? Will one of them be deleted?

A: Your character info will not be deleted during merging. Both your two characters will be transferred to the new server.

Q: What about Rankings?

A: All rankings will be recounted after merging.

Q: What will happen to those characters with same name?

A: During data transmission, system will add number suffix after every character.

Q: Will we suffer lagging and get stuck after merging?

A: Data will be transferred into one brand new server after merging. We will offer you a better server and more smooth gaming experience.

【Tips】: Please choose correct character and server when recharging after merging.

Thanks for your supporting! Hope you enjoy the game!

Blade of Queen Operation Team