Introduction of 【Eidolon】

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Introduction of 【Eidolon】

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Unlock at Lv.61 after completing the main quest, click to enter

Eidolon can choose one buddy to protect. Eidolon will go into the battle after the death of the protected buddy, inheriting the stats.

There are all together five stages for Eidolon, SS, S, A, B, C. Eidolon with higher stage are stronger.

Players can obtain Eidolon Mark in Daily Mission

Use Eidolon Mark to summon one Eidolon(60 mins) in the town.

Find it and talk to it to do the capture. You can obtain this Eidolon if you capture succeeded and Eidolon Raw Stone if you failed.

*Player can only capture the Eidolon summoned by himself.
Eidolon with Stage SS cannot be summoned. You can use Eidolon Shards to exchange them from Akali.
Eidolon with stage SS& S you captured once can be melted into Eidolon Shard and Stage A, B, C, Eidolon Raw Stone.

Eidolon Raw Stone can be used to upgrade Eidolon and Enlighten

Eidolon Shard can be used to exchange Stage SS Eidolon and Enlighten.

Each Eidolon has its own special skill and initial stats, which can be upgraded by Eidolon Raw Stone. Effect changes every 5 levels. Level cap varies from stages to stages.

Stage C: The highest level 10
Stage B: The highest level 20
Stage A: The highest level 30
Stage S: The highest level 40
Stage SS: The highest level 50

The proportion of inherited stats is random. Consume gold to retrain. Inherited stats will be higher with higher proportion.
e.g.: If the proportion is 90% then the Eidolon will inherit 90% of the buddy’s stats.

Proportion cap varies from stages to stages.
Stage C: Maximum attribute ratio 65%
Stage B: Maximum attribute ratio 75%
Stage A: Maximum attribute ratio 85%
Stage S: Maximum attribute ratio 100%
Stage SS: Maximum attribute ratio 130%

There are two kinds of Trial: Common Trial& Advanced Trial

Common Trial cost Silver, dropping Eidolon Raw Stone & Common Skill Token
Advanced Trial cost Gold, dropping Eidolon Raw Stone & Advanced Skill Token

6.Skill Learning
Eidolon will unlock one skill slot every 10 levels, which can be placed Eidolon Skill Book

Click “Exchange” to use Skill Token to exchange Skill Books

Click 'Bag' to check the books you own.

Eidolon skill book will be placed randomly one of the skill slot and there is a chance that the skill will be replaced

Players can consume Eidolon Raw Stone to exchange Common Enlightening Stone and Eidolon Shard, Advanced Enlightening Stone.

Different Enlightening Stones have different initial stat. Advanced one has higher stats.

Eidolon can equip with one Enlightening Stone to strengthen itself. Click Bag to check the Enlightening Stones you own.
Click to enlighten the equipped Enlightening Stone to add one piece of stat randomly. When all stats reach max, the stone can be upgraded. Stone will get new upper limit and a chance to obtain new random stats when upgrading. When Advanced Enlightening Stone reaches certain level, it can be upgraded rank to improve its stats by certain percent.
Upgrading can increase the upper limit of the stats, granting a chance to add new pieces of stats.