Introduction of Skin 【Upgrade】 and 【Cultivate】

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Introduction of Skin 【Upgrade】 and 【Cultivate】

Post by Angel » 2018-01-24 0:15

Upgrade and Cultivate of Buddy Skins

(Available at Lv. 80 after Skin feature is unlocked)

Click Char- Skin to enter the interface.


You can upgrade and cultivate for the skin you already have, to increase the stats.


Choose the buddy skin you have in the Skin page, and then click Cultivate to enter the interface.

The interface of Cultivate

Cultivating will take a few Golden Emblems each time, to add stats for the Buddy Skin.

2. Upgrade

You can greatly increase the stats obtained from Cultivate in percentage by upgrading, which will consume Skin Shards.

*If the Buddy Skin is cultivated first, you can get the stats bonus from Upgrade. So you should do Cultivate first, and then Upgrade.

You can check the amount of Skin Shards at the top left corner of Skin interface, which can be obtained from decomposing skin packs.

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