Mighty Eidolon Illustrated Handbook

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Mighty Eidolon Illustrated Handbook

Post by Angel » 2018-02-04 12:13

Rank SS Eidolon

【Spider Queen】

HP Max: 9% ATK Shield Crash: 1

AOE Attack, Poison opponent for 3 rounds and the amount of damage is equal to current target's 45% Max HP. And it ignore Dodge and Invisible, remain 40 rage.

【Flame Lord】

HP Max: 30%

Summon Magic fire and protect oneself, immune stun for 2 rounds and enthrall opponent for 2 rounds and increase Melee Atk by a large margin. Collect the 95% damage which caused on him this round and then rebound the damage to the opponent who has the highest HP, remain 50 rage.

【Cyan Bat King】

HP Max: 9% Accuracy:500

Special Atk and do the Leap Attack to the target and adjacent buddy, increase huge Accuracy. Decrease Opponent special def, melee def and spell def for 3 rounds. Increase oneself attack, Critical for 4 rounds and remain 50 Rage after using.

【Silver Queen】

HP Max: 9% Dodge:500

AOE Special Atk, increase defense of oneself and decrease all opponent 80% Accuracy, Dodge and Deathstrike for 1 round (this skill can't de dodge) and make the lowest HP buddy stay in Absolute Defense before attacking, remain 40 Rage


HP Max: 5% Accuracy:800

AOE Attack, cause much extra damage, increase 40% Critical rate, and decrease opponent defense for 2 rounds, poison opponent for 2 rounds and increase dodge for oneself after using, remain 40 Rage.

【Frost Queen】

HP Max: 5% Deathstrike:800

Attack affects a file, increase much Accuracy and Block this skill can't be Critical and immune rebound. And it ignore all Defense stats and skills (Except Phoenix Bless), remain 40 Rage after using.

【Soul Keeper】

HP Max: 7% Accuracy:700

Soul impasse will detonate all the dead souls to attack all opponent target (The more dead soul are, the more damage it is), cause huge spell damage and steal 30 Rage to add into allies remain 35 Rage after using.

Rank S Eidolon

【Golden Angel】

AOE Attack, increase much Accuracy and Deathstrike, Cause extra damage, if the target have not done the attack this round, it must be Critical, remain 40 Rage.


Attack affects a row, have 50% chance to stun opponent for 1 round, decrease opponent spell def, melee def and special def for 1 round, All team buddies' Divine shield +3. Increase attack, Critical, Block for oneself for 4 rounds, remain 50 rage after using.


AOE attacks all opponents. Increase the Accuracy and have a chance to Enchant Male opponents for 1 round and Stun Female opponents for 1 round. Cause 25% extra damage of his Max HP to Male target, 25% extra damage of her current HP to Female target. remain 50 Rage after using.

【Faerie Dragon Queen】

Deal Special Attack on one opponent, decrease target 50% defense and increase oneself the same amount atk for 2 rounds. When the opponent's HP is lower than 20%, he can kill the opponent directly, remain 50 rage after using.


Attack affects a file, remain 130 Rage.

【Sea Swallower】

Attack affects a file, remain 130 Rage.

【Sky Demon】

AOE Attack, have 60% chance to confuse opponent. Decrease opponents' divine shield 6, remain 50 rage after using.

【Mighty Spirit】

Special Attack affects a file, remain 35 Rage after using

【Electrocutor IP5S】

AOE Attack, decrease half rage of opponents and have 50% chance to stun opponent for 2 rounds, remain 45 rage (Passive skill: Rebirth: Becoming Phoenix Egg when HP=0, if he hasn't been killed within 1 round, he will revive.