Introduction of Arrival of Deity

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Introduction of Arrival of Deity

Post by Angel » 2018-03-20 4:18

Time: 0:00 Jun.05, 2018 – 0:30 Jun.18, 2018

Range: All severs


Unlock at lv.160, after completing certain instance


During the event, clickthe statue in Arena to enter


In Arrival of Deity,players can challenge others from all over the servers. Promote the rank andwin for massive rewards. Top 5 players will obtain supreme title and Horcrux(with great stats) and show themselves to players from all servers, receivingothers’ worship.

The first rank will beavailable during Jun. 05, 2018- Jun.10, 2018 before the Deity appears.

In Arrival of Deity,players will have random ranks for initial. Click other players’ name to challenge for the higher rank. Initialchallenge chances are ten. Consume Gold to purchase extra challenge chances. Challengechances will be reset daily.

During the event, Arrivalof Deity Ranking rewards will be settled and issued at 0:00 every Monday. No.1player will win Title: The Deity and show his/her appearance to players fromall servers.



Players can worship thetop 5 players in Arrival of Deity. Players will win great bonus of Stamina andSilver. The player who was worshiped for most times will receive Title:Most-Liked and Horcrux: Most-Liked Dragon Soul. Rewards will be issued at 0:00Jun.11.

Note: During first week,Jun. 5, 2018 – Jun.10, 2018, worship function won’t be available.


【All Servers Stats Ranking】

In Arrival of Deity, theStats Ranking will be displayed.

In ranking will show thetop 10 players with highest stats of Accuracy, Dodge, Critical, Resistance,Deathstrike, Shield, Wreck and Block. The data is collected from top 20 playersof each server’s Arena. Data in Ranking will be refreshed every half an hour.

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