Introduction of 【Oracle】

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Introduction of 【Oracle】

Post by Angel » 2018-04-11 0:38

Unlock at Lv.160, after completing certain instance.

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Oracle offer brand new stats to the character. Show in the battle with unique state, bringing you unparalleled experience.

【Divine Path】

Click the God avatar to challenge. There are two ranks, Common and Hard. Successful challenge will earn you Oracle Bell & Oracle Flute. If failed, you can change your formation to challenge again, till you succeed. You can’t challenge the same God more than once God in one day. Divine Path is reset at 0:00 daily.

Note: You will definitely get Oracle Bell when challenged Common Divine Path successfully, having a chance to get Oracle Flute. You will get great amounts of Oracle Bell when challenged Hard Divine Path successfully, definitely obtaining Oracle Flute.

You can upgrade Oracle’s Rank and Star.
Upgrading star will consume Oracle Bell. The higher the star is, the more bell will be consumed, the greater bonus stats will be. When reaching 10 stars, you can upgrade the rank, which will consume Oracle Flute. The higher the rank is, the more flute will be consumed, the more powerful skill Oracle will have. When reaching Rank 1 Star 1, Oracle can be summoned in the battle, supporting you with powerful skill.

Note: When reaching Rank 1 Star 1, choose to summon certain Oracle in the battle.

Note: During the battle, you will have a chance to summon Oracle before the character delivers an attack. After summon, Oracle will stay in the battle for 3 turns. No matter the character delivered an attack or not, Oracle will cast different powerful skill. Oracle can be summoned for several times in one battle.

【God of Darkness】
After unlocking the function, players will get one Oracle- God of Darkness
God of Darkness will offer you brand new stats: Melee Armor, Special Armor and Spell Armor, which will increase the reduction of Melee Damage, Special Damage and Spell Damage.
The current cap is Rank 5 Star 10. Stats are as follows:
Melee Armor+2475
Special Armor+2475
Spell Armor+2475

When reaching max level skill:
First Turn—increase whole team Resistance by 13000 for 1 turn
Second Turn—increase whole team Dodge by 13000 for 1 turn
Final Turn—increase whole team D.S. by 9 for 1 turn

【God of Darkness fight effect】

【God of Brightness】
Can be obtained from official events. Please keep an eye on the official website in the future.

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