Introduction of Brand New Class: Blade Wings & Fantasy Plume

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Introduction of Brand New Class: Blade Wings & Fantasy Plume

Post by Angel » 2018-04-11 0:57

Introduction of Brand New Class: Blade Wings & Fantasy Plumes
Unlock at Lv.170, after completing certain instance.
Click to enter, check the details in Awaken tab. Blade Wings and Fantasy Plumes have exclusive skill- Apocalypse.

【Blade Wings】
Blade Wings has great Attack & Smash, being good at single attack. After delivering Apocalypse, Blade Wings will get into berserk. While being Raging, Blade Wings will get different stats bonus and effect, which depends on the type of Apocalypse. Apocalypse with highest stage can make Blade Wings 100 resistance to Stun, Enchant, Imprison and Rage Reduction. Additionally, Blade Wings will be able steal health when deliver melee attack, ignoring 20 levels D.S.

【Fantasy Plumes】
Fantasy Plumes has great Crowd Control & Support. Different Apocalypses have such buff and debuff like Shield Oath, Weaken target and increasing Rage Saving.
1. While being protected by Shield Oath, targets won’t be stunned or sealed.
2. While being weaken, targets’ Attack will be decreased greatly. During the period, targets won’t gain or lose rage.

Click Apocalypse button to enter the learning interface.

In Apocalypse, you can consume Godly Point & Golden Emblem to upgrade the stage. Upgrading stage will earn you extra bonus stats. When meeting certain requirements, will unlock certain Apocalypse.
Godly can be obtained from Awakening.

After learning Apocalypse, choose the one you want in Awakening tab to activate.

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