Introduction of Infusion Feature in Gemstone Function

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Introduction of Infusion Feature in Gemstone Function

Post by Angel » 2018-05-10 5:17

【Requirement of unlocking】

Reaching Lv131 and complete the relevant Instance, Infusion Feature will be unlocked


There is only one way to get Spirit Stone, exchanged by 100 Perfect Gemstone Shards in the Gems-Exchange Interface.


The Spirit Stone doesn’t have any attribute but it can offer more percentage attribute addition for Perfect Gemstone and Pure Gemstone.


Click infusion when spirit stone was equipped in the equipment to enter the page as follow:

Infusion will consume perfect gemstone shards and after infusion, Perfect Gemstone and Pure Gemstone will acquire extra percentage attribute addition.


There are 20 levels in total for spirit stone and it can offer different percentage addition. The higher level is, the more attributes it can offer.

The Highest perfectness is Lv.20 & 5 Star which can offer 251% attributes addition.

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