Introduction of 【God Star】

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Introduction of 【God Star】

Post by Angel » 2018-07-06 8:31

God Star


Unlock at Lv.170, after completing certain instances.


During the event, players can click to join.

The main interface is as follows:


1. Players can consume stellar shards and advanced stellar shards to exchange for special star “God Star”. The God Star will be put into the star backpack after exchange.

2. Each character can only be equipped with one God Star in specific slot.

3. The God Star originally has one unknown stats, which can enhance corresponding stats of other equipped stars of the character to a certain level after being unlocked with stellar shards.

Eg: If God Star has the stats of Dodge+10% and the player also equipped himself/herself with the star of Dodge, then the star will be enhanced by 10%.

4. Except for original stats, God Star can swallow all the stars below the orange level (including orange level stars) to gain exp. One unknown stats will be added with every 5 levels upgraded. The God Star can reach as high as Lv.45, and offer 10 bonus stats at most.

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