Introduction to 【Dragon Soul】

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Introduction to 【Dragon Soul】

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【Requirement of unlocking】

Unlock at Lv95 after completing main quests.

【Function Introduction】
Enter by clicking the
button on the down side of the main screen:

There are 6 Positions for Main Character and each buddy to equip Dragon Souls. Dragon Soul can provide various rare stats.
Dragon Soul can be obtained via Dragon Trial
Click here to the introduction of Dragon Trial

【Dragon Soul Info】
1) Dragon Soul Type
There are six types of Dragon Soul: Flame, Blizzard, Frost, Burst, Nature, and Bright.
Two or four Dragon Souls will activate Suit Stats:

2) Dragon Soul Position No.
Dragon Soul Position No. varies from 1 to 6, shown at the top-left corner of a Dragon Soul.
For example:

This Dragon Soul has the Position No. 4, so it can be equipped only on Position 4.
Dragon Soul in different Positions has different main stat which is in red.

Dragon Soul Position No. influences the main stat of a Dragon Soul. The main stats of Dragon Soul No. 1, 3, 5 are fixed stats. The main stats of Dragon Soul No. 2, 4, 6 are random stats.
Details are as follow:

3) Dragon Soul Stage
Dragon Soul Stages vary from 1 to 6.
For example: This is a Stage 5 Dragon Soul.
Dragon Souls of higher Stage are more likely to have multiple initial sub stats, 4 sub stats at most.
Sub stats are shown in yellow below the main stat. View:

Different sub stats are listed as follow:

4) Dragon Soul Level
A Dragon Soul can level up via swallowing other Dragon Souls. There will be two options after you left-click the Dragon Soul. Click “Enhance” to enter the Swallow process. View:

Click to select all Dragon Souls.
*Cancel the tick to retain the Dragon Soul you want to keep.

The maximum Dragon Soul level is 15. Dragon Soul level is shown at the top-right corner of a Dragon Soul.
For example:

The Dragon Soul level is 4.

【In addition】When the Dragon Soul level reaches 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, a sub stat will be added. If the added stat already exists, there will be an increase of the sub stat data. The amount of sub stats cannot exceed the Stage. Details are as follow: