Introduction of 【Dragon Trial】

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Introduction of 【Dragon Trial】

Post by Angel » 2017-12-12 10:31


Unlock at Lv95 after completing main quests.

Function Intro

Click the left quick entry to enter.

There are 5 Towns in Dragon Trial. And different Town can be available according to different day.

1. Monday: Flame Town-Flame Dragon Soul/Burst Dragon Soul

2. Tuesday: Frost Town-Frost Dragon Soul

3. Wednesday: Blizzard Town-Blizzard Dragon Soul

4. Thursday: Forest Town-Nature Dragon Soul

5. Friday: Bright Town-Bright Dragon Soul

6. All Towns will be available at weekends

Challenge Interface

Players have 10 free chances every day. The chances will be reset to 10 daily. (If the chances are more than 10, they won’t be reset)

Click to get more chances by consuming gold. The higher VIP you are, the more times you can consume.

The amount of section will be increased according to your level. You can consume chances to raid the section after challenging it successfully.

The sections in the back can have a higher possibility to get high quality Dragon Soul.

Click to check the introduction to Dragon Souls

Above is the introduction to Dragon Trial, if you get any question, please contact Angel.