Rune Feature Introduction(Level 180)

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Rune Feature Introduction(Level 180)

Post by Goddess » 2017-12-22 10:48

New Feature: Rune

Required Level: LV.180

Click ‘Rune’ icon to open the Rune Feature.

A. Acquiring Way

Click ‘Route of Acquiring’icon to enter to ‘Rune Lottery’ Page

l Rune can be obtained by drawing Rune Lottery.
l Players need to consume Rune Ticket to draw Rune Lottery.
l Players can collect Rune Ticket in Assistance feature depend on their Devotion every day.

Players can use Gold to refresh Rune Lottery Prize Pool

Rune Type:
Armor: Crown &. Robe &. Boots
Jewelry: Necklace/Talisman &. Ring

Rune Quality:
Green (Low) --- Blue (Medium) --- Purple(High) --- Golden (Super) --- Red (Heaven)
Rune Attribute is RANDOM.

B. Equip Rune
Rune needs to be Appraised to be Equiped

Left-Click a Rune to consume corresponding materials toappraise it.

Don’t forget to select the right equipment type here!!!

Left Click your Appraised Rune and Select ‘Rune’ to equip it to your equipment.

C. Rune Dissolve

Left Click a Rune and select ‘Dissolve’ to dissolve it.

The Rune will be dissolved into Rune Essence.

Players could use Rune Essence to exchange to get a new Rune in Rune Exchange feature.

D. Rune Exchange

Super &.Heaven Rune can be exchanged here. Players need to consume corresponding RuneEssence to exchange for them.

E. Rune Enhance

Left Click an Appraised Rune and then click ‘Enhance’ toenhance it.

Players need to consume Rune Essence to enhance Rune

Each Rune can be enhanced up to 5 times!

STK Operational Team

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