Anima Feature Introduction(Level 170)

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Anima Feature Introduction(Level 170)

Post by Goddess » 2018-03-12 12:16

Introduction of Anima

Unlock Requirements
Once you reach level 170 and complete all the main Quests on level 170, you will unlock the Anima Feature

Related items
Anima Ticket: Can be used to summon a random Common, Uncommon, Rare or Mystic Anima, summoned Anima will appear on the left part of the area
Heart of Anima: Can be used to upgrade Anima or to transfer Anima’s Level

Anima Fragment: Can be exchanged with high grade Anima by talking with Hua Tuo
Anima Skill Point: Can be used to refresh Anima’s skill or to lock Anima's desired skills

Each Anima may protect one master, and they will enter the battle replacing the protected Partner once the Partner dies, it will mimic the attributes of said Partner.
Based on its quality, Animas are divided into 5 different qualities, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mystic, and Legendary Anima with higher quality has greater level cap, attributes and skill. Common Anima can be upgraded up to Lv20, Uncommon to Lv25, Rare to Lv30, Mystic to Lv40 and Legendary to Lv50.
The captured Legendary and Mystic Anima can be dissolved and reshaped into Anima Fragments, while Rare, Uncommon and Common Anima can be dissolved and reshaped into Heart of Anima.
Each Anima has a definite initial Attributes and unique Skill, their Skill can grow stronger or even change completely along with the Anima's level growth.

Assigning Anima
Click Protect button on the Anima panel to choose which Partner it'll protect.

Ways To Obtain
Common, Uncommon, Rare or Mystic Anima can be summoned using Anima Ticket.
You can get Anima Ticket by completing daily missions from Assistant feature, the more missions you complete, the more Tickets you get. Use Anima Tickets in your inventory to summon a random Anima for 60 minutes at the left side of the area, you then may attempt to capture the summoned Anima by spending a certain amount of Coins. If you fail to capture an Anima, they will flee and you will be rewarded with Heart of Anima instead.
Legendary Anima cannot be summoned with Anima Tickets, they can only be summoned with the help from the wisest Sage of all three kingdoms, Hua Tuo.

Anima Upgrade and Polish
Anima can be upgraded by consuming Heart of Anima. Anima’s level influences Anima’s skills effect.
All Anima mimic a portion of the protected Partner's Attributes, The initial percentage of Mimic Proportion comes at random, and can be Rebalanced by spending Gold(Normal Rebalance costs 50 Gold, while Advanced Rebalance costs 200 Gold).
The maximum percentage of Mimicked Attributes also vary depending on the Anima quality, Common Anima may mimic up to 65% of Partner's Attribute, Uncommon up to 75%, Rare up to 85%, Mystic up to 100% and Legendary up to 130%.

Anima Skill

Every time an Anima’s Level reaches 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50, one skill slot will be unlocked and the Anima will be able to learn a new skill. Players can click Refresh button on Skill tab by spending some Skill Points to refresh Anima's Skills.
By spending more Skill Points, one or more learnt Skills can be locked while refreshing Skills in order to prevent them from being refreshed.

Anima Level Transfer
Once you manage to get a better Anima, you do not need to re-train the Anima from the scratch, by spending 2000 Gold or 1999x Heart of Anima, you can Transfer Anima's level from one Anima to another.
After Transferring, the source Anima’s Level will reset to 1, and please note that transferring Anima's levels will always result in a lower level Anima~ The Transferred level will be decreased by 5 when players Transfer by using Gold, or it will be decreased by 20 when players Transfer by using Heart of Anima. During this Transfer process, some of the Skills will be transferred as well, some Skills may disappear depending on the Anima's level after Transfer process.

An Anima can Meditate by using Coin or Gold to get Heart of Anima, Anima Fragments and Skill Points, where using Gold will reward you with greater amount of these items. Daily Meditate Attempts increase with players VIP level.

Please note that this feature has just been added into the game, and with each of your feedbacks, we aim to keep optimizing this feature in the future to deliver a more fun gaming experience for all of you. So, don't hesitate to contact us and tell us what you think! ^^

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Anima List

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Common Anima




Uncommon Anima



Rare Anima



Mystic Anima


Yin Yang

Legendary Anima