Some Guide for newbies

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Some Guide for newbies

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I have been playing this for a month and willing to share some thought of the game. Hope it will helps some players.

In Sexy Three Kingdom, there are three types of job.

1) Swordman - Balancing Job (Evade and Damage)

2) Assasin - Damaging Job ( Critical & Fatality, Pain in the ass )

3) Barbarian - Tanker ( Block & Counter Attack, Heard its quite powerful in later stage of oversea experienced server)

Conclusion: There is no such job is which one the best, It depends how you play your character. Keep trying new things will give you suprise.

Early Game (Lv1-50) Remember to train your attribute while you can. Dont rush for lving, you can stop for 2/3 days but just to up your attibute. ( Str/Skill/Magic Depends on your job) Why is that? Because the higher level you are the more expensive of training cost, I remember its 1000 coins at beggining but now costing me 34000 coins. You know what I mean now, so train as early as you can. Its worth and its important in later game. Recruit Ex Xiao Qiao, Use gold and increase of your VIP which give you some convenient or you can choose coins if its not hurry. She is damn good and a great partner. You will need her for some times.

Mid Game (Lv50-100) Pick your mushroom everyday, Try to gain some HP while you can with Fortune Stick. Thirdly, Hatchaed Boats. Yeap this give you new skill and to play different class. while you reach Lv 90. By this period, you should recruit Guan Yu now. Some players may have Ex Guan Yu or Godlike Guan Yu by this time. I wouldnt suggest if you trying to upgrade Ex Sun Shang Xiang, Because she dont stick with you long time and I didnt see any of her benefit having her in party later. Zhao Yun can be consider to upgrade Ex Zhao Yun if you are a VIP player and Yes. Same, He will not with you for long time as well. Guan Yu is a defnitely worth invest partners. Why? Because he is End Game Partners and been confirm in oversea servers as well. Put in all effort for him atm, He is good best with Godlike Guan Yu.

1. Hatched Boats: You dont get Dragon Boat everytime, But once you have it, Jut Upgrade it.

2. Fortune Stick: Shake it up baby, 6 points is always good, 9 the best. But you dont get 9 always. For non VIP players, when you have 3 points chase fo 6. For VIP players, 9 is the best. Ha..

3. Mushroom: Dont Kill last mushroom if you are not strong enough so that mushrom level will not go up. TERMINATE all mushrooms if you are superman.

4. Treasure Pot: click twice 4 gold is wise if you are not VIP or low VP. For VIPs, 20 gold max if you need coins. more than that isnt worth unless you print cash note everyday.

5. Mining: Open up and Upgrade a few, You will need them in later game. So why not invest in early game. Always MINE coins with highest level partners because he/she will give you more coins. EXP with lowest level or if you have other plan.

Late Game: ( Not reaching, will Update in future ) Link Lv 156, 160 Co-Ops Battle from oversea server

1. ... _id=747770

2. ... _id=746405


Cons: It depends on what kind of character you are developing actually. But Still we have some preferrence here as well.

1) HP

2) Rage

3) S. Attack

4) Critical

5) P. Attack / M. Attack (Depends whats your naturality)

6) Fatality ( I personal like this very much)

7) Evade, Block, Toughness, Hit (Depends what enemy you are facing and what is your character job)

Not sure if this help, correct me if Im wrong.

Let me know if you need any other info, I will keep this post up to date and try best share thoughts and experienced as well.

Welcome all other servers experienced players to share and guide new players, So that this game could be more popular :))


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Re: Some Guide for newbies

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Thanks, saves me the trouble of making a new topic, I'll just add on. The lack of information in this game really hurts players. I'll segregate by levels. Mostly from the viewpoint of a vip 0 who managed to stay close to top ranks vying for top spot against non-crazy vips.

Kiara Dinning (S5) Rank 7 arena - Highest rank vip 0

Kiara (S6) Rank 4 arena (Occasional rank 1, the top 5 are rather closely matched) - Highest rank vip 0

Level 1-30

Max training for Str (or Skill, but Str is largely recommended for now. You can choose Skill if you're an extremely foresighted person) on your main, suggested to get at least 200~250 str (Yes, it is possible, although mainly for those who start on the day server starts, due to Arena rank rewards among other things)

Do not waste time/coins on enhancing equipment (under Forge menu), extra coins should go to summoning Constellations (it's the second most important thing for low levels). 1 tip for summoning is to summon until Backtrack (Level 5 summon) every day before reset, then use Free Summon on Backtrack to save 60k coins. Not guaranteed to get Gold Const, but I have gotten 2 gold const (Out of probably 60 free summons, I guess?) so it is a possible method to try (saved a lot of coins to me, personally).

Level 31~60

Once you stop training, spend virtually all coins on summoning. Your target is at least 4 Zi Wei and 4 Tai Wei if you can't get 5 each (Best to just spam until 5 of both, you desperately need it before 60). Const level should aim for level 4~5 each before 60. Refer to suggested constellation list above.

You only need 5 sets of weapons/armor (including your main, you only have 5 people max up till lvl 100) + 2~3 spears (due to partner) and 1 additional blade/sword/knife and 1 additional fan for any partner changes you intend to make. Planning ahead for your partners is important.

Start upgrading gear if haven't done so, only enhance training gear to max before upgrading, otherwise just slowly enhance gear AFTER reaching jade (Talking about coin efficiency here). Your target is pretty much Red Gold on main and Gold on partners by lvl 60. The enhancement is also as-and-when-needed for Elites/Co-op (Expect to clear some coops only when you reach higher levels, it's normal. I have reached new cities with 6 outstanding Elite quests)

Buy materials in Mysterious Vendor ahead of time to stock up. I hardly remember what's needed for novice/jade gear. Get ALL AGATE ORE, DI XIAN JIE, 6th grade potion materials (Gold Ore, Fairy Bottle, Pearl, Iron Ore, Black Iron Ore, Phoenix Tail, Di Xian Jie) and Dew materials (Cat's Eye, Fine Stone, Jade Dew, Amethyst, Porcelain, JiuGui Incense, Di Xian Jie), you'll need them. But certain things to take note around this level: (For any gold usage mentioned, only use during gold-spending events for more benefits)

Mines - be efficient with coins/ore mining as much as possible. Using up vigor is not the best option because you get more coins if you use higher level partners to mine, as mentioned above.

What I did was always have my mines around 3/4 vigor left, so when I level up with higher level partners they mine more coins for me. Try to get 4-5 mines opened, and upgrade them if you're vip for the permanent boost, it's worth it. I bought a bit of vigor early game but at your own risk. You need to balance and calculate the gold usage vs coin benefits that you get.

Boats (Seeking God in YiZhou) - More coins as you level, delay as you see fit. Look for timings when you're less likely to get hit as well, and/or ask for protect from higher levels or give protect to lower levels (for fame) if it's safe. ALWAYS pray to MaZu before sailing, for more fame.

Military Record (MR)- Only activate attribute for Purple Runes, and only clear 25/25 when you reach the next MR stage e.g. clear the 1st MR at lvl 56, 2nd MR at 76 etc. otherwise, stay at 24/25 and refresh daily for EXP + chance of purple runes. Feel free to curse if u never get any purples, but NEVER use gold for blue runes.

Level 61~70

By now, you should be using Inherit system for new partners, to save on potions. Use the partner you're going to throw away to inherit his/her replacement. (e.g. Xu Chu -> Guan Yu, because I'm getting guan yu to replace xu chu in my 5man party) Remember to try to get even (2/4/6) no. of potions on your partners if you know you're going to throw them away.

Stock up on blue tokens (~50 for future dew scroll buying) just before leveling to 70, and only collect assistant reward after leveling to 70 if you can level on the day itself.

Stock up on: GuiHun Incense (30 each. The rest are 60 each), Amethyst (5 stacks if you don't include Dew Materials), Porcelain, Jade Dew

Save Art points for EX Battle Arts at 70.

No more enhancing of equip, they should be Gold/Red Gold/Ruby now. That's good enough. All coins go into summoning, you need that MengZhang/JianBing.

Level 71~80

Purple Tokens are good for art points, but dont use them all up. Stock up around 100 purple tokens (best is 150 to be safer) if you intend to make EX Sun Shang Xiang or EX Yu Shi at lvl 80. Save up 200k coins per token before you hit level 80.

Stock up on: Demon Fruit (Weapons only, 1 stack each), Peach (72/armor, you need a lot of this), Lotus (25 each), Pellet (30 each), QiLin Fruit (3 stacks for necklace/talisman)

Fortune Stick: play normally until you get 2~3 wealth (or left 2~3 normal tries), then spend 5 free retries to get 5~6 wealth. Aim to get at least 2 x 5~6 wealths every day. (Vips with shit ton of gold, feel free to just spam). Use luck points to boost hp (Dragon Seal)

Continue Summoning, you probably haven't gotten Full Gold Consts. Now get them to level 5-6 for all.

Always aim to keep your gear upgraded. Energy first goes into farming Elites giving Jade scrolls and above (you need the coins), then into farming materials to upgrade gear. But they should still be Gold/Red Gold. Silver is fine too. I had Silver Blight rings at lvl 95.

Level 81~90

Weaponry Function Unlocked. Partners worth EX-ing: EX Sun, EX Yu Shi (doesn't mean she doesn't suck as a partner), EX Diaochan, EX/God Guan Yu, EX LuBu (supposed to have additional block and crit boost after EX-ing), EX Lu Meng (Skill reduces DEF). (Up till 400k fame. and yes, EX ZY sucks. big time.)

Stock up on: Suzaku Fruit (60/armor, necklace, talisman), Silk Cloth (60/weapon), Soul Flower (3 stacks max for necklace), Mandrake & ShanLan Grass (15/everything for both)

pray to holy wu + spoil goddess before doing quest for best returns. and don't use exp boost from praying to holy wu on elites.

You should still be farming elites for coins.

You should almost have all your const up. Too bad if you don't. You're gonna need coins for massive enhancing at lvl 90.

With Weaponry function unlocked, you get tons of spirit stones to polish. Now you should begin aiming for Full hp/attack/s.atk on your runes. Def/Sdef works too for tanks. Crit/Fatality are nice too. Decide what you want yourself. What I did was polish until 2 full that I wanted, then use daily 3 free polish to get the 3rd one. 1 or 2 MDEF runes will be nice for mushroom harvest.

For Harvest Mushroom, do your own maths. Sometimes it's better to just clear the mushroom, just because killing 4 mushrooms gives more exp than 5 mushrooms at a lower level.

Mentally prepare for Star at level 91 (massive gear enhancing time) and Class Change/High-end skills at level 90.

Level 90 boats all now carry/give Yellow Tokens to both the escorter and the intercepter. So if a level 89 hits a level 90 boat and wins, the 89 gets yellow tokens.

Level 91~100

By now many would probably know about substitute function at level 100. You think you need a 6th set of weapons/armor for your 6th member? Actually, no. You get a full new set of armor for 1 person at level 100. Surprise!

5 stars from Fight Over Throne (level 91 unlock), additional stars at 60 luck points each. Ouch.

This point is when vip 0s will start getting owned. When even noobs with tons of gold will win. Just because abuse potential and High-end Skills.

Stock up: Jade Bowl (45 each for I think everything), Ginseng (10 each), Soul Flower (Another? Wow a level 90 and a level 100 variant. 5 each), Golden Bowl (for necklace I think, unknown quantity)

Just keep enhancing. Recommended levels are Spirit/Sapp weapon, robe & ring, Spirit/Ruby necklace, Immortal/Sapphire crown & boots. Focus on main more, because most likely you gave all your stars to him/her and stars = more efficient enhancing + potential helps boost your main further, making it a late-game Main > All game.

Additional stuff:

Writing up this point has made me blanked out. Well Barbarians are pretty useless early game, since you can just change to barbarian at lvl 90. Because early game defense really sucks. EX Xiao Qiao is crap unless you buy her as vip. And Always change partners.

My suggested set up at 100k fame is Zhao Yun, Da shi jie, Sun shang xiang, Xu Chu. After that, I suggest switching out 1 partner at every fame-unlocked partner (150k = Diao Chan, 200k = Guan Yu, 260k = skip, 330k = Lu Bu, 400k = Lu Meng). Take note that I try to switch out partners of the same class. This is just a reference of what I had planned. (For vip, take out Da Shi Jie for EX Xiao, then EX Xiao for Diao Chan)

The guy above gave some good points. Anything I disagreed with have already been mentioned. If I didn't say anything means I agree with the guy above.

All gold at lower levels should be saved for level 90 Thatched Boat, for Chakra points which gets you High-End Skills at level 90. Best to spend during event, on Dragon Boat to get it to 5th grade DB.

Lastly: Low levels = spend a little gold on vigor, maybe just 2. and some on goddess if high streak. Higher levels = spend gold on treasure pot daily and goddess on high streak and nothing else.

Edit: Forgot to credit S5 top players for all the info they shared and the help they gave to us lower levels. This is the same help I'm trying to offer to all the newer players in newer servers.

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