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Tips for Slow Server Response

Posted: 2014-09-16 3:25

Dear all,

Good Day.

I believe Unifi or Streamyx users been facing same problems with me recently. You do feel server slow response and we always got DC even need to load for long time right?

Yeah I just got confirm that Unifi is blocking some China website and P2P software. ( That is the reason why we got delay and slow response now.

For this problems, I have already solved just wondering if there is anyone need help

1) Go to google search for "BolehVPN"

2) Download and Install it ( register an account as well)

3) Activate your email verification

4) You can choose 7 days trial for first use RM10 only

5) There are many many servers in this software but I prefer Hong Kong Server because it gives me better gaming experience and P2P download

Well.... you can torrent and play games without any delay or DC now.

Hope it Helps.


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Re: Tips for Slow Server Response

Posted: 2017-05-06 3:56
by adrian38


Re: Tips for Slow Server Response

Posted: 2017-05-10 3:15
by adrian38