Introduction of Gala Guild

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Introduction of Gala Guild

Post by Goddess » 2017-01-25 13:13

Introduction of Gala Guild

1. Feature Opening
Can be opened when Guild Construction Level reach to Lv 3

2. Event Time
17:00 - 19:00

3. Enter Gala Guild Event
Click Guild Event ---- join Gala Guild

4. Collect the Food Material
Food Material can be obtained daily through 'Assistant', detail of rewards as follow :

5. Join the event
Enter Gala Guild Event, click Input Meal will input your food material that you've got.
You can get extra additional rewards by doing 'Input Meal'.
After the event is over, can
get each the already completed grade progress rewards.

6. Event Rewards
1st Grade Progress Rewards : 1000K Coins
2nd Grade Progress Rewards : 100 Energy
3rd Grade Progress Rewards : 100 Chakra
4th Grade Progress Rewards : 100 Aether
5th Grade Progress Rewards : Random Gold Giftbox

7. Notice :
a) Food material expired time is 24 hours, please used it before expired, otherwise can't be used
b) Please make sure you have enough empty space in your inventory before 'Input Meal'
c) Each food material have speciality, so each food material will occupy 1 space, can't be overlayed
d) Input meal can randomly get Coins, Bun, Chakra, Aether, Gold Giftbox
e) Event rewards can be collected after the event is over through 'Collect Gift' feature
f) Please collect the completed progress rewards timely