Introduction of Sesame Flower Event

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Introduction of Sesame Flower Event

Post by Goddess » 2017-01-26 13:35

Sesame Flower (the highest rewards can get 250% Return Gold !!)

Event Rules :
1. During event period can get Sesame Flower, spend Amrita in nursing can get random rewards,
at the same time can upgrade the Sesame Exp.
Sesame Flower quality is differentiated as :
Common, Superior, Rare, Perfect, Historical.
Sesame Flower Quality can be upgraded through accumulated spend Gold
2. Spend Gold can upgrade level Sesame Flower Quality.
After upgrade quality, retain the original Sesame Flower Exp.
After the event is over, based on Sesame Flower Quality and
Exp can get corresponding Gold Rewards.
Each increase range of Exp and Gold between 1-50 Gold, the rewards will add directly the remaining Gold numbers.
3. During event period, can 1x collect Amrita based on VIP level,
can get more Amrita from
Gold Recharge.
Each recharge 100 Gold can get 1 vask of Amrita.

Notice :
Common Quality (1x Rewards), Superior Quality (2x Rewards), Rare Quality (3x Rewards),
(4x Rewards), Historical (5x Rewards)

Example :
Goddess recharge 20K Gold, can get 200 Amrita, then Goddess spend 20K Gold,
Historical Sesame Flowers seed, each time use Amrita can get Gold based on average calculation 25 Gold.
Thus after the event over, Goddess can get
200*25*5 = 25,000 Gold