Beginner Q&A

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Beginner Q&A

Post by Goddess » 2017-02-03 12:08

Beginner Q&A

1)Q: There is no mission left to do , how ?

A: Use energy to raid the instance, after lv upgraded the new mission is opened

2)Q: How to get Fame ?

A: Can be obtained through send flower to friend, spoil Goddess, escort or protect Boat in Seeking God in YiZhou, Raid the Hero Duplicate (at 12:00 and 18:00 each day have double rewards) get abundant Fame

3)Q : Insufficient Energy ?
A : You can buy energy by clicking '+' sign beside the character figure,we also have 'Half Price for Buy Energy' event,
in recharge and spend Gold event you can get abundant energy as well

4)Q : How to get Beginner's Gift ?
A : Click ' Gift' Icon inside the game to get Beginner Gift Serial Number, then enter the world map, go to NPC 'Wen Ju' to activate the serial number

5)Q : What is the more preference recharge payment method ?

A : In recharge payment page, select GC or Paypal

6)Q : What is the 'Surprise Event' ?

A : Inside the game interface there is 'Surprise Event' icon, you can see special event inside

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