Monthly Card

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Monthly Card

Post by Goddess » 2017-02-07 11:22

Monthly Card

Category :5 Stars Recommended Event - Monthly Card

No matter new or old players, you should play and join the monthly card event.
Only need first recharge 300 Gold, afterwards within 1 month can collect 90 Gold daily.
Maximum return gold reach to 1000% !
High-benefit event that you shouldn't missed at the time of opening the new server !

Detail introduction :
During event period,recharge 300 Gold can buy monthly card.
After spending 300 Gold can get return 300 Gold in the same day.
After 30 days,get daily return 90 Gold.

1、Super Monthly Card(1000% Benefit,invest 300 Gold, get benefit 3000 Gold)
Recomendation Level★★★★★(5 Stars)
Benefit Level ★★★★★(5 Stars)