How to Defeat Elite ZuShan [pic]

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How to Defeat Elite ZuShan [pic]

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[Sexy Three Kingdoms] Guide to Defeating Elite ZuShan

The 2nd Elite Hero, drops level 20 equipment enhancement scroll (purple). As shown in the picture:

Required Fighting Power: Around 6500
As for equipments, focus on Guan YinPing’s defense. Equipments should be enhanced to average of Iron level 8. And for other partners, focus on enhancing weapons to at least Silver grade. For Constellation, equip whatever you got. Put Guan YinPing on middle lane, and put the one with the highest attack behind her.
Elite ZuShan is one of the Hero Duplicates on Chai Sang City.

As you can see from the picture above, there are 2 guards in front of Zu Shan, the strategy is to use Guan Yin Ping as a shield and finish off the guards as quick as possible.
Boss technique: Target all, damage around 2000+, if it hits, it’s pretty much means you lose. Try to defeat him before he can use his technique.

Overall, defeating Elite Zu Shan is not that difficult, if you can defeat Elite Jin Qi, there’s 80% chance that you can defeat this one too.