Battle Arts Build [Shared]

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Battle Arts Build [Shared]

Post by Goddess » 2014-05-16 7:39

Max level means that it’s recommended to upgrade that particular Battle Art every time you level up!

Fang Yuan

Each level +20 HP

Max Level

No HP Constellation, then prioritize this Art


Each level +10 PATK

Max Level

Very important


Each level +7 PDEF

Max Level

Very important

Heng E

Each level +12 SDEF

Add slowly

Add a little at first and max it later


Each level +12 MATK


Upgrade when you get a Mage partner

Yan Xing

Each level +8 MDEF

Add slowly

Not really needed, because of less Mage on early game

Ba Gua

Each level +4000 Initiation

Fairly important

Initiation decides whose team strike first

*Note: Ba Gua costs a lot of art points, but its max
level is only 20. It can be upgraded depending on your personal necessity, unlocked at level 55.