Solution for Missing Characters

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Solution for Missing Characters

Post by Goddess » 2014-05-16 7:50

Hi everyone,
I often received feedbacks or complaints about missing character or players being unable to login, but most of the time, it’s because players chose the wrong server after logging in, or filled in the wrong information when logging in or many other small problems. But if a player logged in from a third party website (for example Facebook) as an anonymous user, then they need to upgrade their ID to become a full member.

Now I will tell you how to solve these problems if you encounter them next time.

Question 1: How to solve missing character problems?
First, visit our official website: then login using the ID and password that you have registered before or a third party website (for example Facebook, remember to click “Confirm” button on the authorization page), like shown below:

Click on “Select server”, choose which server you want to play at, and start game, like shown below:

Question 2: I can’t login using my game account?
When this happens, first please visit our official website at , if there’s an account logged in, please log out.

And then re-login using the previous account. Please pay attention to login method when trying to login (there are currently 2 methods). Method 1: Login using registered account on our official website, method 2: Login using a third party website (eg Facebook account).
If the problem still occurs, please clear browser cache.

How to clear chace.
Open Internet Explorer, or this kind of browsers, click [Tool] – [IE Options] – [Delete] – [Delete History, Temporary files, Cookies]
And try to login again.
For Google Chrome user, click on [History] - [Clear cookies]

If all the above solutions does not help you, and you still can’t login to the game, please leave a message or e-mail to, we will help you verify the problems.

Please include server and character name on the post.

Server : S1
Character name: Goddess
Problems: Unable to login… [the more information you can give us, the easier for us to detect the problem]