Introduction to Suit Armor System (101)

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Introduction to Suit Armor System (101)

Post by Goddess » 2017-07-21 7:45

Dear players:

In order toenrich the game and give you a better experience, we plan to push out equipmentsuit and armor system.


Qualification foropening [ Suit ] function:

Your role mustachieve 101 and clear TianDang Mountain.

After openingSuit function, if your equipments’ level are above 100 you can experience Suiteffect.

Collecting 3 or6 same level equipments ( above 100 ) both can activate Suit effect. Differentsuits can mix and match, for example, 3+3 suit effect. Go and explore moreinteresting Suit effect in the game!


I’m sure so manybrilliant players have noticed the Armor system with the opening of Suit function.After opening Suit function players can find a golden shield in the characterboard. Now I’d like to tell you what effect it has. Partners or players whohave armor will suffer little damage in battle. Each armor can reduce 3 percentof damage. And players can only obtain armor by suits at present.

Once partners orplayers who have armor suffered P.attack or S.attack and armor will minus one.The effect of reducing damage will change according to the quantity of armor.

Besides we willalso optimize mysterious vendor in this version urgrading.

1. Players above 40 canrefresh to obtain higher grade potion.

2. Players can refresh toobtain equipment transformation scroll.

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