Introduction to Partner’s Skill (110)

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Introduction to Partner’s Skill (110)

Post by Goddess » 2017-07-21 8:18

.Qualificationfor opening: Player is above 110 and has already cleared Fan city.

.Function:Consuming yellow token or magical weapon fragment to improve partners’attribute and evolve partners’ technique. And that is predictions of gainingsaint generals.

.Methodsto upgrade ( take Saint Ma Yunlu for example ):

1. Click’ skill ’ pattern

2. Choosethe partner you want to upgrade

3. Click ‘ train ’ ( training willconsume yellow token or magical weapon fragment according different generals )

4. Training is related with role. Ifyour partner is not qualified for training the proper grade will be hinted.

5. The upgrading of general’s skill willincrease your partners’ attribute and get advanced when upgrading to a certainlevel. It will be shown on the left of interface.

6. When the general’s skill upgrading to16Grade 10Star there will be a pattern of Sanctify appeared if your partner canbe sanctified.

.Inheritof general’s skill:

The Grade of your general’s skill can beinherited to other partner with a little decline. Click the pattern of inheritin general’s skill interface and come into inherit interface.

l Specificrules of inherit are as follow:

1. Inherit from partnersupgrading with yellow token:

Coins & token :decline 4 grades ( for example 16Grade 10Star will decline to 12Grade10Star )

Gold : decline 2 grades ( for example16Grade 10Star will decline to 14Grade 10Star )

The requirement of the quantity of gold ismeasured by the grade of the inheritor.

2. Inherit from partnersupgrading with magical weapon fragment ( expect Godlike Zhang JiaoGodlike Zhou YuGodlike Zhuge Liang ):

Only can be inherited from gold and will decline 4grades.

3. Godlike ZhouYuGodlike Zhuge LiangGodlike Sun QuanGodlike ZhangJiao:

Only can be inherited from gold and will decline6 grades.

l Notice:

1. Partnersupgrading with token and partners upgrading with gold cannot inter-inherittogether. Only when two partners are with same upgrading method can theyinter-inherit. For example, Godlike Ruo Yi cannot inherit to EX Meng Huo.

2. One partnercan only inherit or be inherit once.

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