Introduction to Nirvana Event (110)

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Introduction to Nirvana Event (110)

Post by Goddess » 2017-07-21 8:57

Players can joinnirvana event when achieving 110 and have already been a member of a guild.

. Qualification foropening: When players achieve 110.

.Time for the event:21:00-21:30 ( Each Saturday )

. Specific Rules:

Nirvana Siege mode

1、 All participating players willbe divided into two camps: Defenders ( guild which had

occupy the city inthe last siege ) and Attackers ( the other guilds )

PS. There will be no defenders in thefirst nirvana siege and all guilds will be attackers. Guild

with highestintegration will become the defenders in the next event.

2、 After opening the event playerscan join it through Guild event or Nirvana Event.

First three minutes in the nirvana siege (21:00-21:03 ) are left for preparing. You can check

the member ofdefenders and attackers and three minutes later the nirvana siege will start.

There are two walls inside the scene. Theouter-wall and the inner-wall will provide different HP addition to defenders.During the game if two walls are both broken then the attackers win. On thecountry the defenders win.

3、 Players can click the wall to attack an opposed player. When thereare no opposed players you can click the pattern of attacking the gate toattack the defending general. Once the defending general died that wall isbroken. In the end of each battle players can obtain integration according hisdamage.

4、 When attacker lost his battlehe will blow to hurt his enemy. Degree of lethality is determined by his power.Each time the defenders successfully guard their city they will suffer moredamage in the next time. And when the defenders fail to guard their city thesuffering will be calculated from the beginning in the next time.

5、 Occupying the city:

If defenders guard their city successfullythey will join the event as defenders again next time; while if they failed theguild with highest integration will become the defenders in the next event. ( Guildintegration is the summation of all participants’ integration of that guild

6、 Award of the event

l Personal Award:

Coins and fames will be granted according to the grade of the player’sintegration

Top 10 players ( 20 in total ) ineach camp will receive corresponding siegewar supreme gift box ( similar to the siege war supreme gift box when fightingWorld Boss ).There are potion scrolls and equipment scrolls inside the gift box.

l Team Award :

Win:Defenders obtain Siege War Large Gift Box; Attackers obtain Siege War SmallGift Box

Lose:Top 4 attacking guilds obtain corresponding Siege War Gift Box ( from large to mediumto common to small ). Defenders obtain Siege War Small Gift Box.

l Notice: Introduction to gift bag:

SiegeWar Large Gift Box: High Grade Dungeon Income Pill*1 & Siege War SupremeGift Box*1 ( obtain 3 million coins & 5 hundred fames & luck point/golden spirit stone/ chakra/ yellow token by chance )

SiegeWar Medium Gift Box: Medium Grade Dungeon Income Pill*1 &Siege War GoldGift Box*1 ( obtain 3 luck gift box, each can obtain 1 million coins & 100fames & luck point/ golden spirit stone/ chakra/ yellow token by chance )

SiegeWar Gift Box: Dungeon Income Pill*1 & Siege War silver Gift Box*1 (obtain 2luck gift box )

SiegeWar Small Gift Box: Low Grade Dungeon Income Pill*1 & Siege War bronze GiftBox*1 (obtain 1 luck gift box )

l Introduction to Dungeon Income Pill:

DungeonIncome Pill from large to medium to common to small: Using will increase theprobability to gain coins and exp from 40 to 30 to 25 to 20. Each last 120hours.

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