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Introduction to Saint Weapon Polish System (110)

Posted: 2017-07-21 11:37
by Goddess

Qualificationfor opening: The Saint General has achieved 110

Aim of thefunction: Increase Saint General’s attribute & add Saint Weapon skill toSaint General.

Specificintroduction of the function ( take Saint Ma Chao for example ):


Click the pattern of partner’s skill – ChooseSaint Ma Chao – click the pattern of Unlock ( in the right of the interface )

l Notice:

1. Magical weapon fragmentrefers to the fragment corresponding to the saint general. For example, SaintMa Chao needs Overlord Spear Fragment ( obtain through event or exchange itwith empyrean from Wang Ertie )

2. Saint Weapon Soulrefers to the soul corresponding to general’s fragment. For example, Saint MaChao needs the soul of Overlord Spear ( obtain through advance treasure map orofficial event )

Afterunlocking you can click the pattern of polish and enter into the polish interface.

There are polish and one click polishoptions. Training consumes coins and you can check the number of costs insidethe interface.

Polish:Click polish pattern and it will display changes of the attribute. Click thepattern of save and you will save the current attribute and click the pattern ofcancel and you will abolish this change.

Checked attribute means when green number ( +0/+N ) appears thatattribute will be saved automatically.

Oneclick polish: One click needs to check at least oneattribute so as to conduct. Here we may check power and S.attact.

Checked attribute means when green number ( +0/+N ) appears thatattribute will be saved automatically. And when youcheck two attribute they must both be accompanied with green numbers so as tosave.

Whenthere are at least two attributes full you can upgrade the saint weapon through breaking. Breaking consumes saint weapon fragmentsand saint weapon soul.

Whensaint weapon upgrades to a certain level the saint weapon skill will beunlocked. For example, Saint Ma Chao has a Grade3 saint weapon and he unlocksthe skill of remove state.

Requirements forunlock the saint weapon skill are displayed on the interface. At present weonly open several kinds and others will be following. Please wait to see.