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Introduction to Escort Provisions

Posted: 2017-07-21 11:41
by Goddess

It’s a great honor that all activitiesinside the nirvana event have received supports and good reputations. In orderto enrich the event and provide more pleasure to players we decide to add anactivity of escorting provisions.

Qualification for opening [ EscortProvisions ]: Players have achieved 111 and cleared FanCity.

Every player who can join Nirvana Eventfrom Monday to Sunday can join this event. Click the pattern and enter intoescort provisions system. Players can spend a fixed number of chance to escortdifferent level of provisions to obtain fames, yellowtokens and coins.

Escort Provisions:

Military order: Differences between the eventof seeking god in YiZhou lie in that players can make a military order beforeescorting provisions. If you escort the provision successfully you will winanother 50 percent of reward while on the country you will lose 50 percent ofreward.

Escorting with assistance: When you areescorting you can ask for help and a notice like an invitation when you want todo co-op battles will be released in the nirvana interface. So other playerscan join in your team. The carriage will berth in the edge of the screen andplayers right click to join in. Only players that have higher level can acceptassist request. ( Specific rules will be supplied with more test ).

Process of escorting: Provisions can berefreshed for free once and can be upgraded through special function. The levelof provision decides the income and time of the escorting.