Introduction to Evil Gate

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Introduction to Evil Gate

Post by Goddess » 2017-07-22 11:26

Players can search for Zuo Ci in PengLaiLand click the event of evil gate and take part in. Other players can enter the duplicate scene with nirvana’s invitation.

When you enter into the advance scene youcan click the current barrier to challenge corresponding monsters.

NineRounds ( Nine Chapters)

The Realm Door has been divided into ninerounds. Each building in the scene means one round and you can only see thenext building with breaking current barrier.


Each round has nine barriers and there are81 barriers in total.

Players who have achieved 130 level canstart the challenge. And he can challenge the next round with ten levelsupgrading.

130 levels can challenge Round 1

140 levels can challenge Round 2

150 levels can challenge Round 3

160 levels can challenge Round 4

170 levels can challenge Round 5 & 6& 7

180 levels can challenge Round 8 & 9

190 levels and clear the evil gate and youwill get the qualification to participle in Shura Gate.

Thenumber of participants:

Each player can send two people ( Playerand partner ).

Expect for the captain you can ask twoplayers and one rebel for help.

Mode:2+2+2+1 ( 7 people in total )


Different formation has different attributeadditions and they are affected by wind.


Players can callupan assisting rebel in lineup. The rebel has the skill same with four sided war’stroop and the attribute same with the captain.

Level of Wind:

Every time playershave cleared the barrier you can obtain certain wind reward. And if you achievecertain wind level you can obtain rewards everyday.

Wind level 1,reward 4 buns

Wind level 2,reward 5 buns

Wind level 3,reward 6 buns

Wind level 4, reward7 buns

Wind level 5,reward 8 buns

Wind level 6,reward 9 buns

Wind level 7,reward 5 buns

Wind level 8,reward 6 buns

Wind level 9,reward 7 buns

Asking for help:

Players can sendinvitation to the channel of Nirvana ( click to summon teamates ) and thechannel of Guild ( click to summon guild partners ). Any players who have opennirvana event can see the invitation.

Clear Rewards:

Each barrier haslimit award chance. It means only if you clear the barrier with first severaltimes can you win rewards. The rewards will be sent right after players clearthe barrier.

Every day’s Chi reward:

You will obtainwind reward after clearing the barrier.

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