Introduction to Partner Illusion Handbook (150)

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Introduction to Partner Illusion Handbook (150)

Post by Goddess » 2017-07-22 11:35

Qualification for opening:

Players have achieved 150 and cleared maintask.

Introduction to the Function:

Click the pattern of General Duty in thebottom right corner.

The Partner Illusion Handbook is dividedinto four camps – General of Wei, General of Shu, General of Wu and Warlords.

Generals that have been recruited will glowin their headshots. And you can click the headshot to activate it. If you clickthe headshot that has not been recruited you will be transferred to theinterface of recruiting partners of the interface of general duty or theinterface of partner’s skill.

Activating corresponding partners willobtain corresponding attribute addition ( only effective to the player ). Themore difficult to recruit the partner, the better the attribute addition willbe.

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