Beginner's FAQs

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Beginner's FAQs

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Beginners' FAQ

1. Frequently asked question for beginners is “How do you check your own battle power?”
You can view it by doing meditating and it'll be shown on the lower right corner, or pointing your mouse to the upper left corner

2. Beginners often ask, how do I find materials for xx?
The better way to find materials is to buy them from Mysterious Vendor. Spending energy to gather materials from raiding stages is not really worth it.
But if you still insist to do it, here is the way to find the material you need : While enhancing your equipment, click on the material you need, and it will automatically show you the stage that you need to clear in order to get the particular material (please refer to this page for more detailed information:

3. Can I buy more energy? Where do I buy energy?
Right beside the energy bar there’s a “+” sign. For VIP4 players, players can buy energy 6 times a day, but for players with VIP3 or lower, they can only purchase 1 time everyday. First purchasing fee is 20 Gold for 40 energy. Second purchasing fee is 40 Gold for 40 energy.

4. I can’t defeat the Elite Hero duplicate, what should I do?
Try to change your formation, enhance your equipments, or summon more constellations. You should be able to clear it sooner or later.

5. How to exchange Gold to Coins?
- Treasure pot
- On level 40, you’ll be able to mine coins (you can also spend Gold to purchase more vigor)
- On level 39, Seeking god in YiZhou feature will be unlocked. Use Gold to escort higher grade boats.

6. What is the usage of QingYao charm and Arrows?
QingYao can be sold to get coins, but Arrow can be thrown away because it’s useless~

Above are pretty much most of beginners' FAQs.