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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Mika » 2018-03-21 3:17

Here are my suggestions:

- Update the Assistant missions. There are a lot of features without a daily mission (Pagoda, Warrior spirit rune polish, Penglai Adventure, Anima meditation, Imperial musoleum treasure hunt, Feed Pets, Child garden egg breaks, Nine expedition, Four Side War, Huangrong Road, Daily goddess chat, Daily energy gift to friends, ...)

- Vizualize and use VIP points on an interface (in game or a part of the website).

- Display a list of possible Anima Arts (we can't choose a good one if we don't know all the possibilities)

- Make the anima polish feature not fails for the 200 gold option. The chances seems not really different from the 50 gold option.

- When an Anima appears makes it inherit the talent of the died partner.

- Make opinion polls for items special sales. Some items are rare to get in game.

- We always see the Global challenge feature but it is never activated as an event.

- Release 3rd Substitution Partner.

- Make Guild Boss stronger (most of the time, only one person hit her and she dies...)

- Reduce to 10 players in the Mechanical Podium and add more tries (as reduction of number of players will give us less rounds and less points). It takes hours to get 20 players. The feature is funny but the waiting time is like making the queue for a rollercoaster...

- Vow of Dragon: add child pills, child skill scrolls, potion upgrade pills and advanced potion upgrade pills.

- Find a way to reduce the summoning constellation time. When we summon constellations, we can't do anything excepted chatting or going afk and wait for hours. Most of us probably let it running during night.

- Add daily Saint soul weapon fragment, child skill book chapter to the free daily free energy.

- Remove the Zhu Lu Battlefield sign up. I don't understand why we have to sign up if the teams seems to have a large difference of number of players).

- Extend the friend feature to people from other servers but the same nirvana.

- Add extreme polish feature for veins and core polish.

- Add a 4th warehouse page.

- Make divorce free or cheaper for partner gone for a month. Many of us have lost their wedding partner because the other stop playing. Why do we have to pay for this?

- Make wedding possible for people of the same sex without having to change sex.

- Make more guild base events or interactions betweens guildies.

- Extend max guild level over lvl 10.

- Update the General Guty book feature with new partners.

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by cheahdaniel » 2018-04-04 16:34

Hi GM/Developers,

I would like to suggest a few things :-

1. Trade Shop (similar to Hua Tuo) --> Items like Chaotic Stones, Empyrean Stones, Soul Stones, Talent Points, Warrior Flames, Training Pills, Potions etc.

Reason : Because the Mysterious Vendor doesn't hold much quantity or the items changes each time, it is very hard to buy the exact needed item(s) & it only appears at selected time which is not convenient for some players that are not residing in EST Zone. Make the shop permanently available all the time, some items needs to buy with gold while some with coins or tokens or exchange with other item(s).

2. High chances of success rate when using gold option to polish/upgrade item(s). --> Like Warrior Spirit, Core Polish, Thatched Boat Upgrade, Gem Polish... well you get the idea.

Reason : I find it difficult & reluctant to use gold to upgrade/polish item(s) where the chances of failure is high, it is frustrating when using gold on certain item(s) which doesn't yeild the expected results. At least higher rate of success when using gold option.

3. Nirvana Hedgemony --> Add more levels for high ranking players, so low ranking players doesn't get frustrated. Similar to what you did for players with lower than 160 level and players higher than 160 level. Where you separate them in Hedgemony & Nirvana Hedgemony.

Reason : Low level players will find it difficult to beat other high level players (or big hitters) due to the sudden gap of level, make more levels available like 100 level, 150 level, 180 level, 200 level, 230 level..... This will enable the same level of players pitting each other on fair terms (well at least). I've give up in hedgemony due to the high level players always wins & I don't get to receive any rewards (except some points which also doesn't help much).

4. Add friends from another server --> I was making friends from another after the server merging, but I was unable to follow them or add them into my friend list.

Reason : I think its very obvious on this, we need to add them into our friend list so we can easily refer to & chat with them privately instead of calling them over in "Nirvana Chat" not knowing whether they are online or not & waiting there like an idiot for them to response.

Please do considered this request, many thanks in advance.

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by James Bravil » 2018-04-15 8:02

pretty sure this title is spelled wrong.. says invicible and think its supposed to be invincible.

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by rey_S16 » 2018-08-27 9:06

make batch smelt to melting constelation
that makes it easier for players to collect some constellation fragments


another suggest on prize 1k art point from five tiger card, one slot only contains 60 parts..
and i think that event have bug.. if I use 4 cards or less, while other players use 5 cards, then we roll it together ... so my card rotation will stop

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Annie Boylan_S144 » 2018-11-16 0:32

i love the option to do 10 at a time on events,

The amount of coin it takes to enhance weapons is far too high, even with spending gold to buy all coin bags and treasure bags
i still cant get enough to up to enhance everything,

how to play the sections of the game are not explained well, so we are all playing the whole game differently ,we play the bits we think we have worked out how and ignore parts we dont understand well, we need better game play explanations on each part,

most of the game we can see small gains to our stats and rankings,a few things are so slow it makes you think either im doing it wrong but there is no good ways to check how to play right,or its so much time to do that part of the game i start not doing it at all as i feel its wasting time,(angel skills upgrading,hearts,love letters seems pointless and waste of time.or im doing it wrong) needs to be faster to upgrade and needs to be explained how to play it,

lots of the game is not explained but takes far too much inventry away thats needed for other things i have to ignore.core polish,fetter,beast guard,i dont understand what to do, and it takes too much away ,so i never use these things, too confusing

weaponry in feature hall needs to be alot easier to use, the lists are too small to read the things,its very very confusing and awkward,most time its to know what to do there at all,

i see people talking about saints, that is to difficult to understand how it works,i dont know how to get mount or follow cards from,apart from winning a very small amount from events sometimes, all of these things i expect i need, but as there is no good information how to play them its too hard to try.

i really like the game and play all day on it,but feel stupid when i cant play big amounts of it as i dont know how, seeing people i used to beat get so strong alot faster than i do is no fun, every part of the game needs notes on how to play it right,and some things need to be simplified so its easier so even i can understand what im doing and where im wrong,

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