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Rock Gernert
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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Rock Gernert » 2018-03-03 15:39

Accumulative Recharge and Gold spent need too have a few rotions or something cause from the accumalative recharge all the potions us players who have been here for awhile get are just completely useless and that friendship title most of us have probably acquired dozens of times. I suggest for that part maybe perhaps if you could implement some type of system that could change that based on a players vip level might be most efficent cause that could certainly determine whether that stuff would be useful too use, while that may increase the power gap between free players and paying players it would encourage those long time players for getting new stuff. Or just changing it at times. And as for the gold spent, I've got extra child mounts that I can't use that are just setting in my warehouse even unable too be opened, maybe if different ones could be offered or if we actually had a way too defrag it that would help greatly.

And secondly, partner elite armors, I have some for saints I don't have that I really wasn't aiming for... maybe if we had a way too trade for other elite armors I'm sure players would be happy with that. Like a new person in the Weaponary for elite armor swapping and that might work for those mounts that we can't open as well too swap them for others or frags.

That's all for now as others have touched on most the other stuff.

Duke H
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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Duke H » 2018-03-04 2:43

Having the ability to (Open,Spend or Trade All) and (Open,Spend or Trade Batch) on all stackable objects would be nice. Esceially on Tokens and the Tai Chu consteallations. Quite annoying to click 100 to 200 or more times. Thanks

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Yukare » 2018-03-04 15:26

In warrior spirit, at this screenshot, i have four Godlike partiners, but it show only godlike, not the name of each, so please, make the box bigger with the full name of the partiner, or a tooltip when the mouse is over with the full name.

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James Bravil
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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by James Bravil » 2018-03-06 10:31

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Kreng » 2018-03-06 15:25

- More than 9 total member allowed to stand out of the tavern. (Like adding a second page of character)

- Fix this 8 chakra reward we get each day. It's cool level 1, it's useless lv210+, it should be leveling as the main do.

- Maybe new way to spend coins/silver? Once reaching late game, after getting all Cons lv20 and Saint weapon lv13, coins basically become totally useless.

- Some Saint are less viable than other in the simple fact that they don't have armor or fly to heaven.

- Add ratio everywhere in the game. Like all the characters attacks, or stuff like that. When we upgrade main to EX>Godlike>Saint, we see ratio growth, but we don't know what they really mean.

- I personnaly find that upgrading Strenght/Skill/Magic is a little bit sad. This is pretty expensive and the instant reward is pretty damn a joke. (+1K skill on a char = +22k S.ATK...) It should be way more valuable, and once again, we should know the ratio before doing it.

- Faster way to spend energy and doing const.

- Not having events starting one day after the Surprise Event. We should have all of them day one.

- Some Spend event should be reconsidere. There is very good one (like the 777 rolling) and some very bad one (New year lottery). Although, we mostly need them one every time. You just get the Special Prizes drop to 90k from 120k, but still a pain to spend 90k without average spend event.

- Need some Saint partner from Wei !!

- Maybe upgrading the bag. 36 slots is pretty low and we can easily get full just by taking some rewards.

- Possibility to rename.

- Fix the golden armor showing and add REAL number to it. (Need the ratio to theorycraaaaft)

and one impossible, but one i would love:

- More solo PvE event to do each week.


- Need all the Saint const. too! We can't play the 4 of them without sacrificing really optimal Godlike one. :(

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Michael Rascoe@fb » 2018-03-07 2:33

More nudity? :)

Eric Scheidter@fb
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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Eric Scheidter@fb » 2018-03-08 18:22


I am suggesting get rid of the damned Level System , if i Level up , spending 5 min to Fight and then wasting Energy and Time for the next Level. There are many Events in the Game i can't do while i didn't have the right Level.

And a much better explanation for some Items needed ,example you Goddess has not the right Star Level,but the Game lack the statement wich Level is needed.

Upgrading weapens : Also swap out upgrading the Weapons without Gold looses 5 Grades, i have paid for the Upgrades already, why i should pay 100 Times again , also it costs a riddicolous amount of Money you never can earn it by the Game Quests .

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Yukare » 2018-03-12 17:32

This is the example of what need to be fixed, we have posts with 2 weeks and no answer.

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by rey_S16 » 2018-03-15 1:29

about martial master competitions..

seems to need new regulation for registration of martial master competition

I see in gold, silver and bronzen martial master competitions lack players

maybe GM can change the player registration grouping

not based on level, but based on power or VIP

just sent suggest

rey, s16

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Emilia » 2018-03-16 14:44

my attent is

1) a page for resumming the ressources like essence, rune, etc... for a quick vue

2) undow fonction for a curent action if we made a mistake we will recover one or two click before

3) simple own history of 50 last actions for knowing some mechanisim in game

thanks by advence

Emillia S79

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