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Aug.18 Server Merge Survey

Posted: 2018-08-18 6:47
by Goddess
Dear All STK Players,

In the recent months, we’ve received a lot of suggestions and requests from STK players from all different servers about Server Merge.

After looking at the number of active players on each server, we feel that it is the right time for server mergers. But, before deciding on the servers distribution, we hope to hear your voice on the matter, so that we can make the best decision for you guys.

We highly appreciate it if you're willing to spare 5 minutes to answer 10 questions on the survey we have prepared. Simply click the link below and fill them out.

Survey link:

Please mention that the survey will be closed at Aug.21, 11:50 in SGT (Aug.20, 23:50 in EST). You could also tell our GM what do you think in the game. Thanks and have fun.

STK Operation Team