Lost 7500 gold in Polish return gold event!

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Lost 7500 gold in Polish return gold event!

Post by Ukrainelaska » 2017-08-30 2:58

This week there was an event that offered 50% on Spirit Warrior polishing.

"Get a gold return after using treasure pot and Rune Polish!" advertised 50% gold return. I always passed on the extreme polish but decided that with the 50% return I would use some gold to do an "Extreme Polish" and create what is called a "perfect fuse" in Warrior Spirit.

I spent 15k gold on this and received no return. I checked with the GM and his response was "sorry, it may not be for extreme polish"?

What the heck??? There are only two gold use polish things you can do. One is to "activate" part additional lines on a rune. The other is to use gold to "extreme polish". (the other polish option uses coins not gold).

There is no way to misunderstand this event. It may be a bug that does not return the 50% but if you advertise it and people pay for gold in the game you can't just refuse to honor your claims and say that "extreme polish" is not a "polish".

Please talk to the GM and reimburse the 7500 return gold at your first opportunity. And either fix the issue or remove the event.

How many others has this happened to?

Tessa Downham_S115
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Re: Lost 7500 gold in Polish return gold event!

Post by Tessa Downham_S115 » 2017-09-03 9:24

it is "lost in translation". basically the event applies when you run out of the purple rune stones which are required to polish attributes on the rune stones you have equipped. when you run out, the button allows you to continue polishing but with gold. you get 50% back on this type of "manual" polish. the event does not, and has never given gold back for "extreme polish", which is the automatic where you can select which attribute you want directly.

if you have never run out of purple rune stones, you may not be aware there is an option to use gold to polish manually.

i doubt you will get any gold back.

i am not a moderator but i should totally be paid for this answer, hahaha.

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Re: Lost 7500 gold in Polish return gold event!

Post by Goddess » 2017-12-16 12:09

Hi there, for this description problem we already fix it, thanks for the reports :)