Recharge via Paydibs

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Recharge via Paydibs

Post by Goddess » 2014-06-06 12:47

Step 1: Click "Recharge" button on the upper left corner inside the game.

Step 2: Click "Recharge" again to proceed.

Step 3: Select the Paydibs Recharge Method on the left side column;

Step 4: Confirm that the logged in account is correct, then select server from the drop down

Step 5: Select the amount you want to Recharge and then click 'Recharge'.

Step 6: Select the recharge button, and the browser will show the website

Step 7: Select OK button to confirm the selection

Step 8: Select Retail Banking ( For example )

Step 9: Enter email.

Step 10: Check transaction details once again, and then click Agree and Continue.

Step 11: Select Agree and continue button.

Step 12: Enter the username and password of the online banking, and then select Login button.

Step 13: Confirm the transaction details once again and click Continue to proceed.

Step 14: Enter the TAC code received from SMS , and then select Confirm button.

Step 15: If the payment is success, it will show the following page

Step 16: Go to, the history page shows payment status is Succeed.

After you complete the payment, gold and VIP will be given automatically in game.