Introduction to the System of Vein (160)

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Introduction to the System of Vein (160)

Post by Goddess » 2017-07-22 11:40

Qualificationfor opening:

Players have achieved 150 and cleared Gambling House.

Aimof the Function:

Increase the attribute ofattack and defense sharply.

Theentrance and the interference of the system:

l Inside the Partner Interface of Character

l The interface of Vein:

This is the first set of vein ( as follow):

When the first set of vein is full you canclick the triangular pattern in the top left corner to transfer to the secondset of vein. The second set of vein is inherited separately ( as follow ):

Specific Introduction:

[ Puncture Vein ]:

1. The vein is divided into Ren Vein and Du Vein.Ren Vein can increase attack attribute and Du Vein can increase defenseattribute.

2. Puncture Vein:

l Puncture Vein consumes coins and PeiYun Pill.After Puncturing players will obtain corresponding attributes.

l The Interface of Puncturing:

l Obtain Peiyun Pill:

Players can obtain Peiyun Pill through Huarong Road ( Details are in Huarong Road ).

[ Vein Quality : Upgradeand Polish ]

1.When players have 5 or 5 plus punctures veinsthe Ren/Du Vein Quality will be open ( as follow):

2. Take Du Vein Quality for example ( asfollow ):

l Vein Star is displayed inthe left of the interface. Players can spend coins& Peiyun pills or gold to upgrade.

l Obtain Peiyun Pill:through Huarong Road ( details are in HuarongRoad ).

l Vein Polish is displayedin the right of the interface. Players can spend chakraor gold to polish.

l The higher the vein quality( star ) is, the better the polished attribute will be. When vein quality hasachieved star9 players may obtain Rareor Unique attribute.

l Unique attribute:

Armor ( Du Vein ): Increase initialnumber of armor

Decrease Armor When Attacking ( Ren Vein): Increase the number of armor decrease when attacking.

HP Limit ( Du Vein ): Increase thePercent of HP.

Skill Rage ( Ren Vein ): Decrease therequirement for skill rage.

Players canexplore the specific function of vein in the game and any questions arewelcomed.

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