Introduction to Wooden ox (111)

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Introduction to Wooden ox (111)

Post by Goddess » 2017-07-22 11:20

It’s a greathonor that the event of escorting provisions has been generally welcomed andloved. In order to enrich this event and provide more pleasure to players wedecide to add an activity of wooden ox.

Qualification for opening [ Wooden ox ] :

Open escort provisions system

Every day from20:40—21:00 can search for Zuo Ci in Nirvana to participate in escortingprovisions and then you can escort provisions and wooden ox.

Specific Rules:

When the eventbegin ( at 20:40 ) the wooden ox will appear on the left of the escortingscreen. It will take players about 45 minutes to finish the escorting. Duringthis time there will be monsters attacking and if you defeat those monsters youwill obtain corresponding rewards.

Totally there will be ten monsters refreshed during the event and they will appear on bothsides of wooden ox by chance.

When wooden oxcomes into monsters it will lose certain HP and monsters will disappear.

The initial Hpof a wooden ox is 50,000 and each monster will cause 5,000 points injury.

Way to Participate:

Players can fight with monsters to protect the wooden ox

Rewards of the Event:

Participating players can obtain following rewards by chance:

Rewards of escorting successfully: All players inside the nirvana will obtain fames and coinsby chance ( the more the wooden ox’s HP is, the more the reward is ).

Battle rewards:Every time players participate in battle will win corresponding rewards.

Kill rewards:When players kill a monster he can obtain an extra gift box.

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Re: Introduction to Wooden ox (111)

Post by JohnHHH » 2018-02-23 18:23

curently level 134 and did not find this event

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