Introduction of Gate of Divine

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Introduction of Gate of Divine

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Unlock at Lv.100, after completing main quest.
to enter.

【Land of Gods】

Click the avatar of BOSS to challenge.

There will be different Boss in Land of Gods every day.

Defeating Boss will earn you rewards like random amounts (1-4) of Divinity Shards.

Divinity Shard can be used to upgrade Divinity.
There are 3 free chances to challenge every day.

Players can consume gold to purchase extra chances.

When reaching 5 stars rating will unlock the Raid feature.
There are different kinds of Boss.

Seven days for one round.

Different Boss have different requirements of winning

(like defeat in 5 rounds, survive for more than 5 rounds),

which requires different method to be passed. Please pay attention to it.

【Divinity Upgrade】
Each buddy has four Divinity: Fire Divinity, Wind Divinity, Earth Divinity and Water Divinity. Choose the one you want to upgrade, consuming Divinity Shard or Gold to continue.
Upgrading Divinity will add rare stats to it. The higher the level is, the greater stats will be increased. From Lv.1 to Lv.19, Divinity will have one piece of rare stats.

After Lv.20, there will be two.
Fire Divinity: Accuracy, Wreck
Wind Divinity: Dodge, Block
Earth Divinity: Resistance, Shield
Water Divinity: Accuracy, Deathstrike

The highest level is Lv.30 for now.

【Divinity Retrain】
When characters have 3 or more Divinity over Lv.1, they will unlock Divinity Retrain. Consume Divinity Shard or Gold to retrain. In Divinity Retrain, you will get rare states like Atk Shield, Enchant Proof, Stun Proof.

When a character's total level of Divinity reaches 10, you will have a chance to get Purple stats; Lv.15, Golden Stats;Lv.20, Red Stats; Lv.25, Orange stats.

Players can lock at most two pieces of stats. The cost of Retrain will be tripled after locked.

You can have three same pieces of Orange stats, but the chance is at lower rate. And players will get one extra piece of same stats.

【Team Divinity】

In Team Divinity will show the total level of each buddy in team. Players can choose the Team Divinity at the right corner of the interface.

Before battle, players need to click and choose one type of Divinity for team, such as Earth Divinity.

Therefore, the divinity will effect in the battle.

Team Divinity will cause damage which will ignore the Divine Shield and Damage Reduce. If your Divinity is stronger against the enemy’s, then Divinity of your enemy’s will be havled. Meanwhile, caused damage of your Divinity will be doubled. With higher level, Divinity will cause greater damage.
Strong against & weak to loop: Earth Divinity- Water Divinity- Fire Divinity- Wind Divinity- Earth Divinity

【Start interface of Battle with Divinity】

【Divinity Damage】