【Night Angel】Character Archive

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【Night Angel】Character Archive

Post by Angel » 2018-03-17 6:48

Night Angel is special buddy, class Warrior. Access method: official events.

Introduction of 【Night Angel】

Night Angel was born in the darkness. Being gifted with power of angel, Night Angel will punish those who offense the goddess. It is said that her weapon is a sword with no blade- Non Blade Sword. Innocent but powerful.

【Initial Stat】

HP 61500

Str 800

Vol 750

Int 200

Skill: Special Blunt Balde

Attack the last opponent of each file, increase the Accuary and Critical, have a chance to Stun opponents for 1 round and Killing the opponents whose HP is lower than a certain number. Remain 55 Rage after using.

*Night Angel has no need to learn Deicide Skill

*In Temple of Light, Night Angel will be turned into Angel of Demon by fusing with Shimmer Demon through Ghost Spar. Angel of Demon has powerful skill to protect her mates and unique special attack with great damage. Angel of Demon will shape-shift when the HP become 0, delivering special attack with huge damage and culling effect.

*About the fusion, please keep eyes on our website. It can't be fused now.