Official Discussion Thread

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Official Discussion Thread

Post by Goddess » 2018-02-26 11:56

Hi everyone~!

It's me Sakura ^^
There is a good news for us and we hope for you, too! We are expanding our development team. Which means that in near future, we will have more flexibility and we can develop or tweak more features~ making your suggestions and feedbacks are more valuable than ever!

That's why I think this is a really good time to have a discussion thread going, essentially to know what you guys want to see in future Sexy Three Kingdoms patches. Well, to be honest I feel like we didn't communicate enough with you guys, so let's try to change that, shall we?!

We are very open to all kinds of suggestions~ but please keep in mind that not all suggestions will be implemented into the game, or it may take some time to implement them!
And also, although suggestions for new Partners or expansions for older Partners are welcomed, we currently can't promise much about Partners development, as we will still follow the Partners development timeline from the original Chinese version of the game~

And, since we never had any of these before, please try to understand if the thread somehow gets out of hands we might need to lock the thread while finding a better way to communicate xixi.

Now after all points above are out of the way, let's start the discussion! Please do tell us what you think of the game, of the events, of us and our customer service, what needs improvement, what is disapointing, etc etc.

Thanks for visiting this thread~ Cheers ^^

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James Bravil
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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by James Bravil » 2018-02-26 12:16

Mostly it is very good, the game, events, and customer service. Like all businesses there are times where it lacks, but at least for me it seems to be good. There are a few things id like to see though.

1. Maybe have something come up and say "read" in the GM chat if the GM reads your message, that way we dont think we are being ignored.

2. Some of the text in game gets cut off and you are left to assume what was going to be said.

3. In game Trading, either with just clan members or between friends. Or better yet maybe a global market where we can sell items cross server

4. The ability to do "Gates" solo and not have to wait on a friend to help.

5. What i said in a previous thread about the Rewards Based on Merits.

thats all i can think of right now, but keep up the good work guys :D

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James Bravil
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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by James Bravil » 2018-02-26 12:18

oh yea a big one, the ability to open multiple Tai Chu and have them auto fuse in you summoning menu.

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Ignalius » 2018-02-26 12:26

I do not think a great deal needs to be done. Perhaps including daily energy as one of the gifts would streamline the process. Energy is a vital component of the game and securing sufficient to continue improving your account is sometimes difficult and receiving the daily bonus at random times is occcasionally frustrating.

Also there are some items that are slightly too easy to get while corresponding items are much harder. A good example is peiyun pills and Xisui pills. I have found I can barely get enough peiyun while my Xisui bank continues to grow.

Thank you for allowing this opportunity to provide feedback and hope you get plenty of positive respeonses and some good suggestions.

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Yukare » 2018-02-26 12:34


Documentation! This is really important for new players and is missing. Forum is not the best for this, so i recommend what other games do, create a wiki, once it is done the players can work on it improving it. Some features are hard to learn, if we can teach new player how to play, masny of then will stay more time, and pleople will read more about the game and see the features and join.

Rewards based on merits: please remove the tasks that are only for vip players.

There is a wrong message or it is a bug: in child grownth, it says i can train the child with the pill or with 100k coins, but i can not train it with coins, when i use all the pill i receive a message about it and can not use the coins. Please allow train with the coins(best) or change the message, it is confusing.

When you send flowers to other person, the message is wrong, it show something like "player send [person] to [number of flowers]" the order is wrong.

Dayli event: in the caos event, the time is wrong, it says 19:30-20:00, but it is 2 or 3 hours latter, i do not remember. The other events are corrects and start at the correct time.

A change for constellations: when i drop a constellation over another, the constellation will "eat" the another in the same order, does not matter the quality. If I drop a purple over a gold, the gold eats the purple, if i drop a gold over a purple, the purple will eat the gold, this is predicable and desired in some cases.

Weaponry: when you are creating fragments, please show how many fragments you have from the one that you are making, and show how many y token you have, this is important to not make too much fragments. In the weapon fragment exchange, the selection box from left has too many options and is hard to choose one, if possible, change it to something like the nirvana merchant: you can see the available itens, and after choosing one, you can select how many you want to trade.

Train: make train with coins more simple please. maybe increase the costs for balance, but increase the chance of improving atributtes, if you have the coins, you spend much time improving it.

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by cheahdaniel » 2018-02-26 12:56

The game is good but can be better :-

1. In-Game Trading : Among Friends, Among Guild Members, Accross Servers. It will be the best features ever.

2. Ability to go "Solo" in Evil Gates & Shura Gates (just like the Co-Op Battles).

3. Some "Words" displayed in the game are either in "Malay" or in "Chinese" and eventhough in "English" either the spelling is wrong or the grammar is wrong. I'm confused...

4. Better explanation or "Help", some events or features doesn't explain much how it works or how it should works. We always have to do trial & error and which is a very costly considered some events only uses "Golds" to work.

5. Last but not least, the GM can at least reply something when we posted some queries or asking for help. This way, we are sure that its not a "BOT" and we are not ignored.

Many thanks & hope some changes in near future.

Tessa Downham_S115
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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Tessa Downham_S115 » 2018-02-26 13:31

the sunday 7pm evil zhangjiao and sunday 9.45pm boss in zhu lu battlefield still die within a few hits. i thought i read about an update that made them more durable, but they are still weak and only 1-3 players can get a hit.

the clickable area to open technique (btwn pulse & vein) in the main character screen could be made slightly larger. i find it quite difficult to open it when playing the game on my phone.

when doing dungeon (instance) raids with energy, i think a default of 10 would be more useful than 6.

i see players avoiding zhu lu battlefield because it seems too crowded. i think the playable area could be made 4x larger (2x the height and width).

the player distribution among wu / wei / shu is unbalanced in zhu lu battlefield. perhaps follow what happens in hegemony where player respawn in a different faction after dying, balancing the number of players in each faction.

weaker players do not last very long due to PVP in zhu lu. i have two suggestions, either

1) a longer cooldown for winners of PVP in zhu lu, to prevent stronger players from wiping out weaker players too quickly, or

2) reduce the number of points per PVP win in zhu lu, so that even stronger players need to mine to get high rankings

i would like to read the full description of angel skills. what is the effect of "fairy's beautiful" ?

i think explanation of some game features is overdue. what are the available vibration skills under core polish ? (not to be confused with the vibration skill under fetter) and i still don't understand elementary force damage.

other players' suggestions

- i disagree with player to player trading because there would be the issue of alt accounts and how to enforce them, and arguments on who really has an alt account (e.g. 2 family members in same house)

- if you have too many xisui pills, i think you haven't started using them in the "break" feature under core polish?

Allie Reeder_S43
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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Allie Reeder_S43 » 2018-02-26 15:15

For Now, I just wish for

1. Different variety of gift for the spent, recharge and single recharge event. It's been the same for the past how many million years already.

2. Transfer of some in game item between different character either in the same server or different server as long as they are under the same login account. I don't want to do multiple recharge on different character, but rather on the main character while any excess items are transferable to other character under the same account. For eg. I have 4-5 partners armour which I can't use anymore on my main character but I'm not willing to discard it since it cost money to get it. I hope it can be used on my other character in a different server.

3. Option to turn off some auto mode especially when my character is doing the mission after reaching a new level. This auto feels like the game is playing on itself. I don't mind the auto on normal raiding but not on when I doing the mission.

That's all for now.

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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by Goddess » 2018-02-26 15:35

Thank you all for all the great suggestions so far~ I will slowly reply all your messages and give answers where I could.

Firstly @James Bravil.

Suggestion 1:
Maybe have something come up and say "read" in the GM chat if the GM reads your message, that way we dont think we are being ignored.
Answer: I think we can do that, but it might be better if you can see when is the last time a GM was online, instead of 'Read' sign on your message~ Because all Read messages will be replied right away by all of the GMs.
This way you can file a complaint to us if you see that a GM was online but failed to reply your message~ (unfortunately this happens sometimes...)

Suggestion 2:
Some of the text in game gets cut off and you are left to assume what was going to be said.
Answer: We are well aware about this~ we are trying to fix them one by one, if you do see a cut message, please take a screenshot and send them to us, that way it will be fixed on the next patch

Suggestion 3:
In game Trading, either with just clan members or between friends. Or better yet maybe a global market where we can sell items cross server
Answer: This suggestion always comes up~ unfortunately, this is a feature that may never get implemented in STK :(
The thing is, MMORPG games usually can be divided into two types, one is free-to-play with premium items or currency(like ours), and the second is pay-to-play with monthly subscription fee.
Games with subscription fee is more flexible about trading since they have a stable income from subscription fee, but for games like ours, it's very difficult to make a trading system while keeping a stable income, since all players will trade items with each other instead of buying them with premium currency. I know this sounds like we are being very greedy, but believe me I'd very much like it if we can implement a good trading system into STK and I have tried to make a mockup system and it was rejected. Unfortunately this is the way how game industry works. Sorry about that~

Suggestion 4: The ability to do "Gates" solo and not have to wait on a friend to help.
Answer: This sounds simple and can be implemented~ but, which Gates that you meant...? Can you specify the feature?

Suggestion 5: Rewards based on merits.
Answer: I see that your thread was replied by a staff of ours ^^ let me check the progress and update you later.

Suggestion 6: oh yea a big one, the ability to open multiple Tai Chu and have them auto fuse in you summoning menu.
Answer: Okay, this one is going to the queue~

John Jowers@fb
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Re: Official Discussion Thread

Post by John Jowers@fb » 2018-02-26 15:56

It's a good game for the most part it's solid. Here are few things that could be improved upon.

1. I find myself explaining the game, items, etc over and over again to new players. I spend alot of time doing this actually. I think an in game guide would be Capitol. Or at least some sort of way to emphasize the importants of certain items and also the rareness of said items. Also the level an item becomes usable would help alot!

2. On Rewards based on merit section - I notice sometimes that when you try your luck more than once it will return to one you skipped over and now you have to spend that much more gold to either do it or skip it again. It becomes a waste of money and attempted strategy.

3. I notice that it doesnt complete alot of the phrasing in the game. Not just the story mode. For Example - If you go to weaponry trying to make a saint it will say something about the starl level but only part of it. You cant see what the star lvl has to be which is the important part of the equation. It's like this in various areas of the game. The most important part of the information isnt viewable.

4. I think the extreme training should be incorporated into the game without V.I.P It already costs 100 gold a pop and it makes it fair to other players. As far as training should just be part of the game. Maybe a certain level to unlock it as an achievement would make it a little more rewarding for newer players

5. The feature where you can rob people is interesting. I'm against it honestly in a sense robbing a golden carriage or dragonboat is no different than stealing someone's money. To make it a little more fair for people I'd either eliminate it popping up on the screen or add a cloak option to make it invisible.

6. Talent points and holesaws are hard to come by. Usually have to pay alot of cash to get either of them yet the gem stones are a dime a dozen. Maybe more treasure chests including those items. Also, the treasure chests should pertain to your team. Alot of times you get weapons for other people you dont want or dont have. It would be a major improvement if there was some kind of connection between treasure sought and your team.

Lastly, I'd like to thank your technicians. They have been more than helpful with any questions or problems I've had.


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