Blade of Queen--Bug collecting

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Re: Blade of Queen--Bug collecting

Post by nami » 2017-05-15 4:57

has been reported to gms 2 times so far and posted about in tech difficulties but ill post here as well. since the kings war patch hit ive been unable to access the ultimate battle brackets of sanc arena when it comes up and the button to access it does nothing. this is also affecting all other players of my server(s42) and prevents us from supporting or fixing formation between fights. this has happned 2 times now.

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Re: Blade of Queen--Bug collecting

Post by Balaask » 2017-05-23 0:29

I am currently unable to load the game. I was playing and all of a sudden the screen went black. I've tried refreshing for an hours now, i have the bar on the left side of the screen and it loads to 100% and then nothing, just a blank screen. I've missed Faction Wars and World Boss so far. Please fix this asap. I play in server 45.

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Re: Blade of Queen--Bug collecting

Post by Ahri » 2017-06-20 0:04

The Bug

I happened to defeat elite Anna before I got my quest from Laughlin, so when I did get the quest to defeat elite Anna, I can't complete the quest. I think that it should complete the quest if you have already beaten the level.

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Re: Blade of Queen--Bug collecting

Post by slutty » 2017-10-14 7:21

I told this GM Angel about the bug of Weekly Ranking and she was so stupid as to argue 23:00 is the same as 23:00:59 when they are exactly 59 seconds different. It ends 59 seconds later than it states but this moron GM is so stupid and corrupt to argue with me over anything. We need to message the developers directly as the GM Angel is not competent to relay any messages for improvements.

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Re: Blade of Queen--Bug collecting

Post by Berlin » 2017-10-31 11:04


Recently,Blade of Gueen has been grandly launched for open beta test.

We have started a activity -- Finding BUG for rewards to help us improve the game.

During the closed beta test , if you find any BUG in the game, please leave a message at the below of this post (with screen shot of BUG and explanation) for 100 Gold during open beta test.

Activity Time: After the launch of S1

Activity Rule:

1.During the activity, players leave a message at the below of this postwith the screen shot of BUG and explain the whole process. Remember to leave your Nickname.

2.The first submitter of each BUG will get 100 gold during the open beta test. The reward will be given to the first one who submits the BUG if there are different people submit the same BUG.

3.Each valid BUG will give you 100 gold during the open beta test. The more BUG the more rewards.

4.3 workdays after the closed beta test, we’ll publish the name list of prize-winning players

5.Activity rewards will be delivered after open beta test.

6.Players should use the same account with the one of closed beta test to get the rewards. (Used your closed beta test account to enter the game)


Angel, is there any active ongoing BUG reporting program? Often BUG issues are not necessarily something want to bother an online GM about. Is there a way to submit game bugs which do not immediately affect gameplay? I prefer to speak with GMs when there are issues directly adversely affecting my gameplay or that of others. Otherwise what is preferred way to get bugs in game reported as issues to be fixed? Thanks for clarification and information.

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Re: Blade of Queen--Bug collecting

Post by testitatutes » 2017-12-10 17:45

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